Wednesday, August 26, 2009

presents for me and other stuff!

So this is all going pretty good LOL...much to my surprise. A is really enjoying the activities, she has completed all 4 of the knobbed cylinders, block 4 was a much more difficult and we will have to keep working on that. All the cylinders are the same diameter just different heights which seems to stump her a little more. If she is in a good mood tomorrow I think we will try introducing the pink tower again.

We went to the library today and checked out 10 more books. I swear we could read all day here. She had a ton of fun playing with a 5 year old little girl. The played and played and played. A tends to like being around older children more since she can carry on conversations with them. She was beaming and talked about things they did all day. We then took a walk and gathered lots of leaves, sticks, and walnuts and had a make believe picnic. While sweeping off the porch after our "picnic" She said she was using a brush, I said "It's a broom not a brush A" and she replied " I know. A broom is a brush that picks up things" just amazes me everyday the observations she makes.

My birthday is this weekend, and my present to myself is of course things for A. I just ordered the book "Teach Your Child to Read in 100 Lessons." I have heard FABULOUS things about this book. It is a phonics based approach which I like much better then the whole word approach. The 500+ reviews on Amazon where also all amazingly positive. So excited to get this and start. A has been asking to learn to read so I am hoping this will help her achieve that goal LOL. I also ordered Leap Frog "Letter Factory" DVD which I have also heard is awesome. I figured she can watch this in the car and it will reinforce the phonics sounds we are learning with the sandpaper letters and the 100 lessons.

I usually get money for my birthday from a couple of family members and I have a little saved up (thank you rolled change LOL) so I am trying to decided what materials I really want to order to add to our montessori classroom. Decisions decisions......humm....I'll keep you posted :)

Friday, August 21, 2009

The Good and The Bad

So we have started! 3 days into this and I have discovered a few things. Wed, the first day, was great. A was thrilled! I introduced 4 activities....the first exercise of the knobbed cylinders, a marble placing activity, scooping beans, ad sorting button, and she loved all but one of them. Apparently the sorting buttons is a little to easy for her and she gets really bored. After doing about two of each color it just doesn't keep her attention. Thursday, not so great. I think we started the day and she had two much energy. She could not stay focused on the materials at all and was being very careless and rough. So we stopped, went out for a walk and played hide and seek. I figured we would just table it for the day, but the dad came home and she wanted to show him. She picked up the knobbed cylinders and carried them to her table but started playing with the cylinders. I took them from her and explained that she has to respect the materials, do the activities correctly and gently, or I will take them away. That it is a privilege to do Montessori. If you know my child you know that she goes 90 miles an hour and can be a bull in a china shop. Well the talk worked and we got some good work done at 7:30 at night. Ahh the beauty of homeschooling!

Today she was not feeling the best. She has her 2 year old molars coming in and has just been peaked. She did the marble activity perfectly in about 20 seconds, so I think I need to add the tweezers to that for her to try. She worked for the knobbed cylinders a bit, and I introduced the sandpaper letters A and B. We'll have to work at this again another day, as she was tired so we finished for the day.

I know most people introduce the letters later, but she is ready to start reading an keeps asking to learn to read, so I decided to give it a try.

Here are some pics of our Montessori area.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Who are we?

Who are we?
We are a family who has been blessed with a beautiful, bright, and spirited child. It has been amazing to watch her grow and learn over the last two and a half years. But the time has come where she wants to learn and do more, more, more. As a mom, it is my job to feed that never ending thirst of knowledge. I have long been a fan of the montessori method of education. The child led learning, the manipulatives, the hands on learning style. It seems to fit our little doer. I love the way a child can move at his or her own pace. As fast or slow as she needs. For A, this is important. At her 2 year old check up her pediatrician said she was cognitively on a four year old level. She likes conversing with adults, and enjoys older children. She loves books, we could read all day together. We just moved for my husband's job to rural PA where there are absolutely no Montessori based schools. But that won't stop us. We have decided to undertake the somewhat daunting but always exciting task of homeschooling! Follow us as we learn together, discover together, and explore the world!