Thursday, December 30, 2010

Sight seeing with mom- part 2

Before Christmas we had several nice days that we got out and went sight seeing with my mom.
We drove out to Summer's Bay and along the way saw this frozen spring...which while I took a picture, A apparently proceeded to explain what a spring is in detail to Nana. And when Nana asked how she knew that, A responded "I just taught myself Nana." LOL

A bunker from WWII. Dutch Harbor was the only other place on US soiled besides Pearl Harbor to be bombed during WWII. It was bomb by the Japanese, and the Aleuts were "evacuated" to abandoned canning and fishing camps in the SE alaskan rain forests. There they were inturned for more than 2 years. They came back to there towns burned and destroyed, with the US government deciding that several settlements on the islands should be abandoned completely with no choice or input from the Aleuts. Restitutions were finally awarded to them in the 1970's.

Bald eagles

The town of Unalaska, is just beautiful!

My mom in front of the Russian Orthodox Church. The Russian Orthodox church is very important in the Aleutian islands history.

I have plenty of more pics from my mom's trip. We had a great time. She is currently on her way home. I will miss her.

Thursday, December 23, 2010

My mom's trip, part 1- Beautiful Unalaska

Day one of sight seeing with my mom! Sun came out and she got to see beautiful Unalaska/Dutch Harbor. Sun was out the next day too, but I still need to upload those pics. Snowed today, so we will have a white Christmas in the morning. Lots more pics to come. Merry Christmas everyone!

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

My brain is bouncing

A couldn't get to sleep tonight....after almost 2 hours of really trying she said "GRRR. I can't turn my brain off! It feels like my brain is bouncing. Like flip, flip, flip; like that kind of bouncing. And pictures keep flashing through my head, like 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11,12,13,14,15,16,17,18,19,20....just like that fast, pictures keep bouncing through my head."

Poor baby she was so frustrated and tired. I wish I could help her turn her brain off. She had even tried every trick I knew and had taught her and cried "Nothing is working!" She finally fell into an exhausted sleep, almost 3 hours after trying to go to bed.

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Our Christmas party and a Monterssori teacher

What a great day. We had a Christmas party at our house for DH's department. We had a great turn out and everything I cooked turned out great. A has been pretty good the last few days having less of my attention as I cooked, and cooked, and cooked and then cleaned the house. But the most amazing reward happened for her tonight. One of our guests is a former Montessori teacher. You could tell it is is passion. As he was in the living room, he spotted our Montessori globe and then all of our materials and that was it. He spent the whole evening on the floor with A. She read to him, talked to him, played with our bead material with him. She was in heaven. They were the last to leave LOL. It was great, and it was great for me to see her through another eyes.

Dh and I have been talking, talking, and talking this past week. We have been talking about what we will do when she is actually school age. That is the question we have been being asked by many lately, and we have actually hard from several teachers that we "have to homeschool her" So we are trying to get involved with some other homeschoolers here. I found at last week, that there are quite a few! Yea! I really thought there weren't any. We also signed A up for a pottery class, and a mother daughter gooey art class for the Winter/Spring couses with our PCR, and she is now signed up for SOCCER! So this will be a good opportunity to really get involved with kids here. She is doing all of these things with one of her friends who is coming over this Sunday to play. So I am starting to really feel better about her meeting and finding a group of friends here. It just has been an eye opening week, because I become so accustom to her, and the way she does things that it never strikes me as unusual anymore.

Alright off to bed! Night all.

Monday, December 6, 2010

I am such a blog slacker LOL

I am such a blog slacker lately. We have been busy here, and well I have been busy making Christmas presents. I even tried to convince A to let us have a break from homeschooling until after Christmas so I can get more done but she started to cry. "I love school. Why do I have to stop? Could we still do math, and science, and can I still read books everyday if I take a break" Sigh...guess that's not happening. And then today she said "Mom, will you keep homeschooling me everyday, except Christmas until I grow up? Then I will go to college and then go to med school and learn to be a doctor." So I guess no break for Mommy right now LOL. Anyway, she is doing great. We have been having a lot of fun and today went outside and followed some fox prints out by the front door and found its den (nope, it wasn't in there at the time.) This was the second den A has found by tracking the foot prints in the snow this winter. We started to read today about the Ice Age and tomorrow we are doing our very own cave painting.

I am again having to start researching curriculum again. She is blowing through everything to fast for me again. I am starting to think that I really can't use a set curriculum with her at all for that reason. I am researching classical and Charlotte Mason methods right now basically because of the depth they allow on subjects. I feel like we usually get 6 months of whatever we are doing working before she gets restless and she just jumps to far ahead for me to keep up.

From what I can tell classical and Charlotte Mason methods would allow her to take those big leaps without me exhausting my resources, but our library is small and does not have the selection of books probably needed for either method. Another reason I was trying to let her give mommy a break so that I would be able to catch up with her and figure out what direction we could go in next. Sigh.

Question for other mom's of gifted kids out there. A reads much more fluently when actually reading "adult" books (ones of Dh and mine that she pics up) then she does kid books (ie level 3, level 4 and beginning chapter books) I think the plots just don't hold her interest enough. The problem being that well, adult book concepts are not those that I want her introduced to. Any advice on books that she would enjoy more reading on her own that I won't have to worry about content with. I am thinking of going to the library and checking out maybe some Rohl Dahl books or something for her. Hmmm.

Alright, off to bed. Night all

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Catching Up

Hi all. I haven't posted much in the last two weeks, but I promise to be back to regularly scheduled programming too. I have been feeling anxious lately....not sure why...I think my normal anxiety and OCD may be raising its head. Hoping that it settles down soon.

Anyway, on to A. Besides being a pill the last 2 days, she has been doing great. Reading everything in sight, and exploring more and more addition all into her head. Yesterday I told her she had 5 more minutes of playing with playdoh and she told me "That's 3 mins and 2 mins because 3 and 2 is 5" She rattled off 5 addition facts to MeMom on the phone the other day. Oh and while watching the credits for Fox and the Hound the Tuesday while was in the restroom, she reads them and says "Mom, who is Ron Miller?" I say "Well he probably is one of the people who made the movie"....her response just cracked me up... "Well Ron Miller must have a very detailed imagination because this is a very detailed and good movie" LOL I really don't know how I keep up.

The major downside of this gifted thing is that her logic has been taking hold and I have a feeling the belief in Santa is going away soon. I don't want this. I want , really really want her to have the magic of childhood, so I have been trying to bring in some Waldorf inspired ideas. Now I love the beauty of the Waldorf methods, the ideas, fantasies, the beauty of nature, but my biggest hangup with it is the delayed academics. Which just won't fly with A because, well frankly she demands it. She asks for it, begs for it, and will learn it even if I don't teach her. Last night she begged me to teach her how to spell orthopedic surgeon.... (OK you may be wondering how this even came about, but on Monday we had a doctor that works with DH and her boyfriend over for dinner, and I was warning that if you wanted to say anything not appropriate for little ears DON'T try spelling it because she can spell....They asked A what she wanted to be when she grew up. Instead of just saying othopedic surgeon....A tried to spell it "O R T H" and the got stuck and said U. So Tuesday she asked me to please teach her how to spell it. So today I did. And she wrote it all out several times herself and was so proud of to show it to DH when he got home from work today.....anyway So clearly the delayed academics does not work for her. But the beauty and fantasy aspects I am trying to incorporate more of so that the magic of childhood is not lost on her. I don't want my 3 year old to be so completely logical that she doesn't believe in Santa and fairies, the Easter bunny, etc. I may be fighting a losing battle, but I am going to try.

We created a beautiful nature table today, and have been talking about fairies, and Santa and man I have been pushing it. Right now she seems into it....but I wonder if she still doesn't believe as she told me a few weeks ago and is just playing along with mama because it is fun. But does it really matter...she is enjoying weather she truly believes in it all or not.

Anyway, I am off to bed. I do have pictures to post, but not tonight. I need sleep :) Night all

Sunday, November 28, 2010

A Bering Sea Weekend- beach combing, crabbin..nothing better

Ah, some pretty good weather this weekend after Thanksgiving...well at least not to much rain or wind LOL. Friday DH has to work, but A and I headed to the Church for the only Black Friday sale on the island LOL. It is a huge second blessings yard sale. And we scored. I will have to take pics to post of all our things, but we hit the jackpot on dress up clothes, found a treasure chest for A like she had been wanting, a ton of books, and The Learning Tower that I had always wanted to purchase but could never justify spending $250 on. All of this was donation only :0!

Anyway...on Saturday we headed out to what might be our last drive out to Summers Bay of the winter. As you can see it was cloudy and foggy, but no yea! A and dad found a crab leg washed up and A so wanted to take it home and cook it LOL. She didn't know that the next day she would have a chance to really bring some crab home.

We saw a ton of seals out playing. The water was calm and I just wish my camera could zoom better. These were the best pics I could get. But you can see the head bobbing up above the water.

Unfortunately A decided to play on some rocks and slipped and really busted her lip. There was blood everywhere and it scared me to death. She was pretty brave. It swoll up awfully, but she was a trooper. Today was still a bit swollen and a little black and blue. But she says it doesn't hurt anymore.

DH has started playing hockey with a group of guys here twice a week and A and I went to watch Sat. This rink is actually on the second flour of a warehouse. It's pretty cool.

On Sunday one of the guys Dh plays hockey with called and asked if he wanted to go crabbing. He called us on his way back and asked if we wanted to come out to the warehouse and watch them clean the crabs. A had a blast and well, there is truly nothing better then fresh crab that came out of the Bering Sea a mere hour ago. YUMMMMMMM! We now have some fresh crab in our freezer. DH had an amazing time. If you have ever seen Deadliest catch, Dh said it was just the same, but on a smaller scale. And yes, I have finally seen the show, and recognized quite a few guys from around town (seen them in the grocery store LOL) and have seen the boats docked.

"Hey! What you lookin at?"

That's one big crab! LOL

Into the pot they go!

Ahh! Enjoying the results!

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Rain, Romance, Fairies, and Dresses

LONG weekend.

A was a pill. Not sure but I think it stems from not feeling 100 percent, being cooped up in the house for the last 4 days due to Gale force winds and rain (Welcome to Unalaska in the winter I guess LOL) and just a 3 year old sassy personality. But there have been a lot of time outs here. GAAH. I am praying for a better week this week.

Some interesting quarks going on right now....

-She is very into Romance...however she gets her idea of romance form Phineas and Ferb. Unfortunately she has decided "Daddy does not show mommy enough romance" and has thus made it her mission to see that I am getting romanced LMAO. The other night DH kissed me. And she said "Daddy is giving mommy romance. This is coming along well!" Uh oh LOL. She is on him like white on rice to Kiss mommy more, Hug mommy more LOL. Well I like it, but can't say DH is to into being bossed around in the relationship department by a 3 year old.

-Fairies are not real. This is her latest kick. She has announced Fairies are not real, thus neither is the tooth fairy. She said to me the other day "I don't believe in Fairies, or flying things....well I do be believe in birds cause they fly in reality, but I do not believe in flying horses or flying elves." So I asked about reindeer and she said "Yes, I do believe in Randee and Santa." .....but I am not sure how long she is going to keep believing. She is on a kick right now about how so many things in books, tv are pretend. Even when she is pretending with her toys she will announce to me that "This is just pretend. This toy can not actually talk." I am biting my nails anxiously and hoping we can at least get through this Christmas with her belief in Santa still intact.

-She only wants to wear dresses right now. And well I don't have enough dresses for her. And of course, we have no stores here, so if anyone can tell me of a good online source for dresses in 4T that are not to expensive...seriously I am cheep. I would like to pay $15 or less for them. Please alert me. You would make one precocious 3 year old very happy LOL.

Alright off to bed. Have a great Monday everyone.

Friday, November 19, 2010

Our week in review-School, Crafts, a Mouse, and Sickness

Hmm...our week has been a fun one....where should I begin. I guess with last Sunday and the FABULOUS crab and asparagus quiche my wonderful husband made. OH my. I was in heaven. And while I am bragging on the culinary skills of my husband I have to say that the She Crab soup he made with the left over crab Tuesday night was AWESOME. It amazes me. See I can cook, but I need a recipe. He on the other hand throws things together, no recipe to even go off of, and the turn out ridiculously good. I am blessed. I'll let y'all drool over some pics now LOL. I also found some time to work on a painting Saturday. Not sure where this is going. Somewhere in the guest room I think, but I definitely liked how it turned out.
A worked on some art for a present we are working on. I am not telling what it is because the person receiving this might read my blog LOL. But we had a good time on this mystery project LOL

Okay, and Wed I was totally able to get her hair into pony tails. I know this does not seem like a big idea, but this child HATES to even have her hair brush. So the fact that she let me is a miracle! LOL. As DH said when he got home "don't let the cuteness fool you. There are horns hiding under those pigtails" LOL. The mischievous look says it all don't you think? LOL

Yesterday we spent the afternoon working on a Thanksgiving Kit ala Nana. (Thank You Nana! A loved it." I do have to say that the instructions said...just add glue. Well Elmer's glue does not cut it for this project. Luckily I pulled out the Tacky Glue and things went much smoother.

Thursday afternoon, A spiked a fever and has officially caught Dh's cold. Boo. So today we did manage a quick trip to the library and grocery store but then headed home and spent the rest of the day curled up watching movies. We can't go out anyway right now. The wind and rain moved in 2 days ago and have sat. It was blowing about 50mph sustained and 80mph gusts when we headed out to the grocery store. So neither of us minded spending the day on the couch.

We did do homeschool this week. I just didn't take many pics of us. We are loving RightStart Math. She loves it and is finally enjoying a math curriculum. She loves to use the abacus. We also have been studying forces in science and did some 2nd grade language arts worksheets, and are continuing with handwriting without tears.
Oh and did I mention we had a mouse visitor...or a rat...or a vole...I never really got a good look at it. Sunday when I cam home from church I opened the door and saw out of the corner of my eye saw something run across the kitchen floor, and heard the scritchity scratch of little feet! (Shudder) I of course slammed the door shut and made Dh go in after it. Of course, by then it was long gone. Over the next day or two I thought I would occasionally here it and then we found the proof, one of our dish towels under the sink had been shredded! ICK. So off we went for mouse trap. Dh set one up under the sink and right in the living room on the entrance. Night one nothing....but on the second night the wind was howling and I couldn't sleep. Suddenly SNAP. Yep the one in the living room snapped. I wake Dh up, and chicken me stays in the bedroom on the bed, feet up, as he went to see what we caught. Suddenly I Thump Thump Thump Thump as the (mouse, rat, vole) tried to run across the floor dragging the trap along with it. I hear DH yell "IT WAS SUPPOSED TO SNAP IT'S NECK!" From my view in the bedroom I see him run into the kitchen and back out with my big stock pot and lid. He proceeds to corner the thing and scoop it into my pot! OMG. Well, the mouse, rat, vole is now dead. And my house is now rodent free. I never did get a look at the thing, and when I asked DH to describe it to me he said "I didn't really look at it!" LOL. I love my husband. Can kill the rodent for me, but won't look at it LOL.
Anyway....On to a wonderful weekend with my family!