Friday, January 29, 2010


Our homeschool this year is really made up of a hodgepodge of curriculum choices. A loves workbooks, so we hava a lot of that type of school work along with some montessori style work.

We started our new semster at the beginning of Jan. and so far it is going great.

Here's a list of what we are using.


AOP Horizon's K.
-it is a fairly advanced workbook base curriculum, that uses a spiraling method of teaching. Their k curriculum appears to fall in line more with the first grade curriculum of our public schools as well as most ther homeschooling materials I have looked at. Which so far seems to be a good fit since A tested into first semester first grade. Most of what we have covered thus far has been review for her, so we have actually beed doing several lessons a day. we are just starting to cover some new material and are halfway through workbook 1. There are 2 workbooks.

Reading/Language Arts

Biweekly library trips
-Tuesday for our book time. DD likes to spend at least an hour hanging out, picking out books, and reading. Then on Wed. we head back for storytime.

ABC's Reading Eggs
-LOVE LOVE this site. We had been doing starfall, but this is a little more structured and DD actually tinks it's more fun. Definitly and AWSOME site and well worth the money, especially as DD is a very Visual learner.

ClickN'Kids Phonics
-This is a really cool program. It's lessons are fairly short, but tend to reinforce skills we have been working on

Magnetic fridge letters
-HUGE hit. DD can spend hours infront of the fridge spelling words. Often times by herself, but sometimes like today, asking for help to make sentences. Todays sentence was So That is a hockey puck and stick on the ice No clue where that one came from LOL.

Montessori wooden moveable alphabet
-She loves playing "word family" games with this.

And last but not least- tons and tons of mom reading books outloud, and of DD reading outloud to me.


Harcourt Science Activity Book- K
-found this on ebay. it is just the workbook, but great for reinforcing things we have talked about and observe.

Harcourt instant science readers K and 1st
-these are short 12 page books that introduce science concepts, and bonus is DD can read them herself.

Little Labs Stepping Into Science
-Awsome starter science experiement kit. i purchased this from amazon.

And of course, lots and lots of nature walks, answering questions, cooking, and come spring some gardening at DD's request.

I also picked up the BrainQuest 1st grade workbook, as DD finished the K one, all 300 something pages in 2 weeks. I had thought the K would challenge her, but she knew already all but one concept. The 1st grade appears to be more in line with teaching some new concepts.

So that's it for curriculm. For handwritting, DD loves tracing letters on the wipeable placemats, has for months, so we have dozens. So as I said, total hodgepodge LOL, but she loves it and enjoys it, and is learning, so that's what matters.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Teaching Math

Last week, just for the heck of it. I gave A a placement test for math from K12. At 2 years 10 months, she tested into 1st semester of 1st grade. Needless to say I was shocked. Why, I really don't know, as her spatial and mathematical abilities have been absolutely amazing me lately. With no instruction in these concepts, she has begun to self explore addition and subtraction, figured out left and right, and counted to 100. So, that being said, I purchased Horizons Math K level. It is actually a very advanced workbook based curriculum, covering much of 1st and 2nd grade standards. So it appears to be a good fit. It came in yesterday and DD was jumping up and down with excitement. Today she blew through the first 7 lessons before stopping since she needed a snack LOL. She LOVED it. I feel awesome about this. Something we can do at her own pace, when she wants to, but that will introduce new concepts to her as she is ready. She thrives on learning and exploring new material, so I am so excited to now have this outlet for her.