Friday, February 26, 2010

About me

So, I never have written really who I am on this for all you curious people out there it goes.

I am a mother, a wife, a daughter. I have my Master's in Marriage and Family Therapy but I am blessed to be able to stay at home with my Kooky Nut. I had always planned to go back to work when A got to be school age. What I never expected was to have a child who was years ahead of where she normally be at her age. Even with my degree, I never really paid attention to the fact that she was ahead, we really weren't around many children her age, so until we went to her 2 year old appointment, i had no clue that she was on a 4 year old level. Anyway, so plans change and most likely we will be a homeschooling family when DD reaches compulsatory age....for now we homeschool, play, and have fun while feeding her never ending thirst for knowledge.

As for more about me.....
I am a co sleeping, extended breast feeding, child led learning, thankful for the right to chose my child's schooling, mom. I have a wish that all children can get the education they need and deserve in the public school system if they wish, but at the moment this is impossible. I love life love my family, and feel blessed that my life as finally settled down. I enjoying reading, love to paint (although I haven't had much time since having a child), and I love cooking a trying out new recipes. At the moment we are working on getting healthier as family, eating better, and starting to lead a more natural life.

so....that's about it for me. There I am in a nut shell LOL. Hope you all enjoyed.

Working out

Alright, so we finally got a wii fit.....We LOVE it!!!!! I started the 30 day EA Sports challenge and it is totally kicking me booty. For the last 3 days it hurt to walk, and bending down sent me into loud dying moans. My child thought I had absolutely lost my mind. So I took a day of yesterday cause i just seriously hurt to bad to work out. (I had to totally ignore the "fight through the pain" my husband had been chanting to me all week LOL) But tonight I am back at it. About to get started. I normally wait till A goes to sleep...but that i not happening tonight. She woke up earlier then 7:30 (She is not a morning person and likes to sleep till about 9 every morning, so unfortunately on our way to Wegmans tonight she feel asleep in the car for 15 my child is a super power napper....this little nap means she will be up till at least 11 I will not even try to put her down yet. And yes, she does not nap anymore...when I finally gave in and stopped forcing her to nap, she actually started going to bed at 8:30-9pm. Before she would take a nap and be up till midnight every night. It was awful, and it did not matter if she had gotten up at 6 am or 10am.....gaah. So I might get on later and let y'all know how the workout went....wish me luck

Monday, February 22, 2010

A Busy Weekend

Busy busy busy weekend. I spent this weekend trying to get ahead of A school materials wise. I got a ton done, a lot of new materials made, and hopefully after i get a few more things made this week, i can relax a bit and just enjoy watching her learn instead of constantly trying to play catch up.

Today she chose a few of the new activities to work on and they seem to be a hit.

Here she is playing one of the new file folder games I made.....

And here's a shot of all the one's I made this weekend. I printed these out from here.

I also made a ton of new Montessori materials.....although we are not strict Montessori, we do enjoy using many of the materials and activities, especially in science and language

And this I ABSOLUTELY Love!!!!! I found this idea from Home Grown Hearts

And here's some other things I made....

And today we finally planted our beans.....A has been begging for this for days....

And a shot of her playing with her mazes....

Alright...tomorrow is library day. Everyone have a good Tuesday :)
And I'll leave you with the A'ism of the week.... out of know where, in the car while she was listening to the radio "Sound waves travel through the air and into my ears. That is why I can hear this song." How does she know that??????

Friday, February 19, 2010

Me Time musings

I read something today on another blog about the quest for "Me Time" that got me thinking. Go here to read this article first on Raising Arrows blog. I agree with so much of this, yet have never been able to put it into words before. I grew up believing in me time...believing i deserved it, earned it, needed it to be whole....but you know, every time I craved it, sought it, etc....well I turned into a person I did not like. Pushing my child away. Being upset that she was "bothering" me, when she just wanted my attention...and that in an of itself is selfish. It was selfish of me, and even after getting that "Me Time" I did not feel better, I felt worse for the way I had acted and the time I had missed out on enjoying with A...not the time while I was alone, but the time spent wishing for, and preparing for that me time....that's when I missed out on life's moments with my child.. I often, even without thinking, choose to take my child with me when I go some place. I have found that when I am not in the quest for the ever elusive "Me Time", I not only enjoy my child more, but also my life more. I find I am more content, happier, and satisfied in my life by enjoying the now, busy life, child and all. This is not saying that occasionally I do not enjoy my time away, but or me it is the quest of "me" time that I have found to be, for lack of a better word....selfish.

Anyway, just some musings and my thoughts at the moment. Definitely take time to read the article and let me now how you feel. There is no right or wrong, this is just how I feel I handle the quest.

I can't keep up

Really, I can't. DD blows through material so fast. I make materials for her to use, I spend quite a bit of time on it, and after using it once she has mastered a skill. It is the same way with toys, games, everything. Once she has mastered it, he has no desire to do it again. She says it is boring. So I am spending this weekend once again clearing out materials that she is done with and making new ones. Unfortunately I do this about once a month. DH laughs at me and says "I bet you spent hours on that and she already has it down." Seriously it usually takes one introduction to new material and the she has it mastered, not just memorized but can apply her knowledge to. So I need advice, ideas, any ways to stay ahead of her. HELP! LOL

Monday, February 15, 2010

healthy living and homeschooling

Happy late valentine's day everyone. We had a nice weekend just being a family and my DH cooked a wonderful breakfast and dinner for us. I am truly blessed.

I also got busy this weekend on my quest to feed my family healthier food. Took the hour trip into the 'big city' LOL to be able to shop at a store with more organic choices. Stocked up for 2 weeks. Came home and made homemade, all natural, organic animal crackers. They are delicious! So much better then store bought. We can't stop munching them. I found little noah's ark cookie cutters at Micheals that were perfect for this. Definitly proud of myself for maing this step foward....tonight I even traded our white rice for brown. Baby steps. I got the animal cracker recipie from here
I LOVE her site.

On the homeschooling front...We are starting to work on recognizing color words. So I made a couple of games. A matching game, matching the word to the color, and this ....

I had A use the clothes pins with the words written in color first, and then helped her with the ones written in plain black. Here's a pic of her after finishing.

Friday, February 12, 2010


Here's pics of the book we made to go with the cookie game. A was very proud that she made her own book and thought it was great fun, so we ended up making a valentine book for dad about all the reasons she loves him. I will post pics of that one V-day.

We had lots of fun playing in the snow this week. Definitely the most snow this southern girl has ever seen. Love living where it snows now, and so does A. I can't hardly get her inside. So between the snow and baby sitting our sweet neighbor for 4 days this week, it was a pretty relaxed week.

TGIF! Tomorrow we head to our usual breakfast spot with Dad, and then off to the the stores an hour away. Got to head to wegmans for groceries and supplies that walmart just won't cut it for.

Have a great weekend everyone! I'll leave you with a few pics of my peanut from this week.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Our week so far- a hodgepodge of things

First off.....

Yep, we are under a winter storm warning till tomorrow night. Can you say EXCITED! This is one thing this southern girl loves about living in PA. I am still hoping to see a foot or more at one time this winter. Maybe tomorrow will be the day. A and I plan on staying all warm and cozy snuggled inside in our jammies and enjoying the day. Plus we get to babysit our wonderful litle 5 month old neighbor for a few hours while her daddy goes to work and he mama is out of town. She is such a joy! Totally get my baby fix!

Anyway, on to our week homeschooling.....

A seems to really be having some breakthroughs in regards to reading. Everyday I find out that she can read even more words then I thought. Tonight she read Daddy another bedtime story (she and I take turns reading a book to Daddy everynight) and she had never seen this book before and did AMAZING. She read words I did not know she knew. She's not even 3! Where is she picking this stuff up?!

Number Recognition Game

So this week we have been working on recognizing our numbers 11-20. I made this math game for her. She reads the number and then counts out that many chips into the circles. She's got these down now, except for occassionaly calling fifteen five-teen LOL. So tonight I am making a board for 21-30.

The Cookie Game

That's what A call's this game. I simply cut out cookie shapes, colored them, and on the back wrote words on the back. She uses a spatula to flip them over and then reads the words on the back. Later this week we have a book we are making about cookies that uses the words from our game. I threw in some words that I knew she knew to help build her confidence when approaching the new words. It seems to have worked. After 3 times of playing the game, she recognizes all the words, even out of context.

So overall, it's been a pretty fun week so far. LET IT SNOW!