Friday, May 28, 2010

Homemade montessori bead materials

I have been working on some homemade montessori bead material. I haven't completed it all, but here is what I have so far.

We live in a pretty rural area and I was unable to find gold beads, but found a ton of read ones, so our gold bead materials are red LOL.

Hundred squares, ten rods, and ones
Using this for place value work.

100 chain

Bead stairs for addition

2's chain

And I have been working on the 1000 cube
Taking a long time....but I am almost done. Here is some pics of the work in progress.

And here are some pics of A working with the bead materials on place value. I introduced double digit place value last week and she mastered that the first day, so today I introduced triple digit numbers and place value. She can count by 100's to 1000, and recognizes the 100-900 so we introduced how to read hundreds that are not just on the 100 mark. She seemed to grasp it pretty well .

We play

Yep, I know a lot of my post are about what we are learning but we do do a lot of play to. So today I am posting some pics of the fun things we have done this week.

Sprinkler fun!

Sand and water table

Riding the bike Legos

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Short Stories by A

A has been really really into writing her own stories lately. Well she has started to have me write them because and I quote her "I can't write fast enough. Here mom, I will tell the story and you write it for me."

I am loving these...pretty good for a just turned 3 year old. LOL

Here are a few from this week. The titles are her creations as well LOL...

The Fish and The Bear Went to The Woods

One day the fish and the bear went fishing and there was a big puddle. There was a lake and some woods and the woods were pretty. Then there was a big tree and it was full of berries. And those berries were going to fall! And it landed on their heads. And they said Ouch! So they went home with their heads with bumps.

The End

A Fish Went Fishing

A fish and a mouse went to the river. And there were frogs in the river. Then the mouse and the fish went down the river bank. Then there was an old oak tree and berries were in it, and some were falling down on them. They said OUCH when they fell on their heads. And then the fish went fishing anyway.

The End

A Mouse went Fishing

A mouse went fishing in the lake when there were fish in the lake. The mouse got to work and then went to dinner. And he cooked fish soup everyday. Then he was full.

The End

Anyway, as you can tell she obsessed with fishing right now since daddy just bought her her very own barbie fishing pole LOL. She has been cracking me up with these and just thought I would share. Plus she makes me write "By: A" on them LOL and says "I am a great writer" It is just to cute!

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Math Option....thoughts

I am looking into math curriculums....I want hands on, A is visual and kinesthetic learner for math. I am looking for something for next year, so several months from now.

Right now I am considering

Math U See and RightStart Math

Anyone have any thoughts on these?

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Meet Pickle, Our Week in Review, and Sleep Issues!

Yep, the title says it all.....been busy.
First Pickle-

Yep, A got a hamster this weekend and she named him Pickle. He's pretty feisty and so far does not like us very much. LOL. Hoping that changes and he starts to get a little more friendly.

So, on to our week in review....

Working with the montessori wooden alphabet
Word families Dad turned 38 this week, so she put cupcakes numbered 30-40 in order in honor of him LOL And A practiced writing in the sand.
This week I introduced the actual terms for place value to A, and she grasped the concept in about 30 secs. She can now look at any number 1-100, and tell how any tens and how many ones are in the number. I also noticed that her speed in reading double digit numbers just jumped ten fold. Completely fluent now. She is loving it. I am working on some Montessori Hundred squared right now to introduce the hundreds place.
She also read "Who Will Be My Friends?" By Sid Hoff, and only needed help with the word "right" and "caught" even though I know she had never seen many of the words before. I was working on Tom's cake and she sat down and read to me, she also took this book in the car that afternoon and read it again. She was so fluent. It is amazing to see how much she is improving everyday!
On to the last part of this title and the reason I have not been blogging this week. Horrible Horrible Sleep issues. Yep, starting Wed night, A started being terrified to go to sleep. It has been taking 4 hours of her screaming, us talking to her, trying everything we know, to get her to sleep the past few nights. But cross my fingers, I think we figured it out tonight. She was talking about a noise, and well I realized the motor in her little fan had started making a strange noise around that time. We took her to the store and she picked out a new fan and a bear "to make her feel safe" Well, a few wake ups tonight but she is sleeping and no screaming or crying....fingers crossed please!

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Sunday Nature Hike

We went on a nature hike using one of the local rails to trails paths. Spent about 2 hours in the woods. It was great and we all had a good time. Saw lots of butterflies, a dragonfly, some natural springs, a waterfall, and some awesome plants. Here's some pics from the day!

Tired on the way back....

Definitely will do this again.

Our Week in Review

Another fun yet busy week here. Of course we headed to our library on Tuesdays as always, but this week took pics for the library blog hop. Lots of fun. We miss going on Wed. to for storytime and I think we both can't wait till it starts back in June. Anyway, here's a hodgepodge of what we've been up to this week.

A pulled this puzzle game out that she has not done for a while....and amazingly did the hardest card in the set in about a minute. I was amazed.

She pulled out the scooping beans. This seems to be a really soothing activity for her. Seems to center and calm her, which is great.

We have been talking a great deal about plants so we did an experiment and watched a plant "drink" A predicted what would happen correctly. And then drew her observations in her journal.

The results....the red traveled up the stems and could be seen in the leaves.

We explored the reminants of the old canal....

Had fun with some montessori pink material...
Introduced counting by 2's
The teen board with bead value work.

Then A pulled out the water cycle chart and said "can we discuss this?" So we pulled out "The Magic School Bus at The Water Works "

On Sat, A wanted to make sentences so she pulled out her tub of words and letters to spell the words she did not have. She worked for almost an hour making sentences and sounding out spelling for words she needed to make, an apparently enjoyed every second of it.

Her sentences.... Got to love them! LOL
I love mom and dad and I can stand on one leg.
A likes to play with Ana.

Then we found these awsome prints on a dumpster from a baby bear outside of our friends tennis place. A thought it was amazing!

And A got some tennis time.

So that was our week in a nutshell! Thanks for reading :)