Saturday, July 31, 2010

I'm here

I know I haven't been posting much :( But I am here. Things have been crazy. But I have been taking lots of pics, and I hope to have a chance to get on tomorrow and post them.

This week was really busy. DH had an interview in Corpus Christi, so we all went for 3 days and A and I enjoyed the beach while he had his all day long meeting, then we drove to Dallas where we spent the night and the next morning, DH flew to PA for and interview Thursday night, then flew back Friday morning, and then Friday night had a phone interview in Alaska, and they want to fly both of us up in 2 weeks...don't know who would watch A though, but I really want to go and see the area if we would be living there. Dh should here sometime next week from the other two. I don't get excited at this point because I know that even when they fly you out and pay for everything, they are still considering at least one other candidate...which means you have a 50% chance of getting the job, or if 2 others, then you have a 33% well nothing is ever set in stone.

Anyway, that is where I have been. Back at my mom's for now. Waiting to see what this week will bring.

Friday, July 16, 2010

Summer fun in pics

Summer fun! Lots of pics of what we have been up to. Before the move and after.

Strawberry picking! Unfortunately we had to give all the strawberries I put up away when we moved.... but it was fun and A really enjoyed herself. She did a GREAT job.

Playing at the beach! I am missing this lake right now.

Made it to Nana's house!

And headed to the local park called the "Duck Pond" where I remember going as a child.

I wish I would have gotten picks of the awesome Nutria that we saw. He came right out of the water and had huge orange teeth. Last time we went we saw 6 of them, and they ate the chips we tossed to the ducks.

And A's first sparkler experience. She had a lot of fun. She missed the fireworks that we could see just walking out the door of our old house, so daddy bought some to shoot off, which was just as good she said.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Got a new computer and everything else

Definitely not an ideal time, didn't need the added expense right now, but also have to have a computer to job hunt....and well mine went kuput. It had been having problems for a long time, and I had been using duck tape to hold it together, but well after an hour and a half of trying to get it to work, it just wouldn't. I am still learning all the ends and outs, but it works, it is own, I can type, and help DH with his job search.

On the job search has been a busy week. DH had 3 phone interviews scheduled on Monday and then ended up hearing from 5 more positions on Monday. He had an interview on Tues, one today, and one tomorrow. He has an in person scheduled for next Tuesday and one for the end of the next week, and a skype interview scheduled as well I am really hoping he hears back from a particular one tomorrow or the beginning of next week to ask him to come out. Praying very hard. I could really use the week ending on a good note.

On the A front LOL..... well tested her reading level again the other day, and in not quite 2 months she has jumped form a reading level of 1.9 to 2.6! Can't believe she is reading on an almost 3rd grade level. She is surprising everyday me with her reading.

We went to the library at Nana's the other day, and well it was a disaster. They wouldn't give A a library card! Because I don't have a local license...ummm because we are living her temporarily this summer.... she was in tears. She left crying because well " I hate this library! They are mean. They let other kids check out books but not me." She was devastated. It was an awful experience for a child who LOVES books and LOVES the library. I ended up taking her to a local used bookstore and let her buy some books. She choose 2nd and 3rd grade chapter books...not the step into reading ones...I was impressed that those where the ones that she really wanted...and I was not going to tell her no after the library fiasco.

So that is life right now, busy, crazy, stressful. I am tired. LOL

Friday, July 9, 2010

No Money Christmas quest!

Okay, So we are in a job search as I posted last week....things are going well here, but of course money is tight....well right now I am LOVING Swagbucks. This sight is awesome... just go to the home page and search...anything, your normal Internet searches, and you have a chance of winning. The search results pull from Google and Ask, so they are pretty good. You can redeem your swagbucks for lots of prizes. I have been doing this a little over a month and so far I have redeemed $15 in Amazon gift cards which I have banked in my Amazon account!

So I am challenging myself.....All Christmas shopping money for this year will come through swagbucks. Christmas will be money free. Yep. I am excited!

Haven't tried swaybucks yet? Today is a great day to sign up and start winning. It is Friday which means bigger swagbuck awards!

Another thing I love about this site, if a friend signs up at your request you earn matching points for there searched too. I have had one friend that I have already earned enough points for me to have another amazon gift card.

I just added the swagbucks swidget to my blog so go check it out....and join me in my No Money Christmas quest!

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Changes Changes Changes

The title says it all. BIG changes have been happening here, which is why I have not written in awhile. I needed some time to adjust basically.

So let me catch yall all up. Well my husband resigned his position, lots of reasons and thoughts and considerations went into this, and although I am not happy to be in the midst of a job search for him, I know that somehow God is leading us, and I try to take comfort in this. So we figured we might as well pack up and head to my mom's for the summer since our lease was about to be up. So we are now here in Louisiana at my mom's. A is loving spending time with Nana even though she misses home. And the job search has started off strong. Dh started sending out resumes about 2 weeks ago, and he has already had or has scheduled for the next week 7 phone interviews, so not bad at all. I am just not looking forward to the whole long process of executive job searches....usually multiple telephone interviews, sometimes multiple in-persons, and just weeks and months....but I am trying. to keep things as normal as possible for A now. So, we brought all of her school stuff, the shelving and everything, and set it up at Nana's. And I think this has really helped her adjust.

She is doing great. Reading at a a mid 2nd grade level now. I have decided on RightStart math for us, but I am not sure when I am going to order level B and start.... I think it depends on how everything with the job search goes, and well it is summer, and we have lightened up a bit, so probably in the fall.

Anyway, I will be better at blogging again, I just needed sometime to adjust, pack the whole, house, and move halfway across country LOL. Good job search vibes are much appreciated though