Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Winter is HERE!

Winter is HERE!...... Well at least the snow is LOL. How very appropriate that in our reading time the A has been reading about snow, because this morning when we woke up....there was snow on the tops of the mountains.....and then the weather started LOL.

What a fun day. Sleet, Snow, and even some Hail mixed in.... Yep....wonderful Unalaska weather :) And the forecast calls for snow for the next 3 days.

Happy almost October LOL

It really started coming down after lunch in squalls accompanied by about 50 mph winds, with some gust strong enough to push me.
Of course A wanted to play in it. Grabbed a handful and decided it would make a good snowball. Don't worry kiddo, you will see lots of snow this winter...I am sure LOL.

Yep, lets put on daddy's boots and run outside in the sleet! LOL

A decided to get her ruler and see how much had fallen and collected by the front door.

The mix of sleet, snow, and hail piled up by our the end of the day it was over 5 inches.....when A measured this afternoon it was about 2 inches.

The snow on the mountains behind the house is absolutely beautiful. What a wonderful sight.....hmmmm wonder if I will still be saying that in May when there is still snow LOL.

The sleet on the ground outside after a big squall moved through

Beautiful Unalaska.
And I had to share pictures of this boat that pulled into port today. It is HUGE! Those small ships next to it are 3 tug boats....pretty big boats at that....and they are dwarfed in comparison. It is a carrier bringing new cars from is just on an overnight fuel new cars on this island LOL. But it was truly an amazing sight that I wanted to share will y'all.

I will try to post pics tomorrow of what we have been up to this week. Tonight the Internet here was SUPER slow. Took 3 hours just to get these few pics uploaded, and I am headed to bed. We have been watching our friends 10 month old this week while his dad ,who is a stay at home dad, is out of town. So we have been off schedule a bit, but dealing LOL.

Sunday, September 26, 2010

A good weekend and my new animal friend LOL

It's been a fun, and very busy weekend. My friend's husband left the island for a week long training session, and she was on call Sat night (she's one of the docs at the clinic). So A and I had a sleep over so that if she got called in, in the middle of the night, someone would be there to watch her little one. It was fun. A did a good job of going right to sleep to.

This morning we got up and headed to church, then came home and changed and went out salmon fishing. Saw a couple of silver's jump, but the wind was just so stiff and has been this whole week, that we weren't able to catch any. But that's okay. It was still fun, and even better was that the sun started to break through the clouds on the way home.

After swinging by the house to change we headed over to the huge Community Yard Sale at the PCR. I swear the whole town was there. See, it is so expensive to get stuff here, that everyone just kind of swaps stuff and rotates stuff around. It is awesome. I managed to score some really cute Halloween and Christmas decorations, A set of Lincoln Logs, and a dinosaur for A. She was thrilled.

The we headed across the street to the high school for the long awaited Blueberry Bash. I was planning to enter a blueberry bread pudding, but never had time to do a test run, so decided I would have to save that for next year. A has been talking about this all week. Here she is doing a little happy dance before digging in to all of the yummys!
And eyeing her choices....oh what to try first!

As you can see....she thoroughly enjoyed her selections. LOL

After filling our bellies ( I am still stuffed, although I just had to finish my left over homemade blueberry crisp with vanilla ice cream tonight LOL) We came home and I went down the side of the house to go pick some more blueberries. As you can see they are falling right off the branches now!
While I was berry picking I had quite an unusual surprise. I heard a noise and looked up ( I was in a hollar, picking) and low and behold, this adorable little guy was staring down at me.

A red fox! He was very curious as to what I was doing. I actually didn't have my camera with me, so I just stood and talked to him for awhile. He would tilt his head back and forth as he listened, and then he proceeded to walk over to my bowl of blueberries and try to pick it up LOL. I decided to take the chance and head home and grab the camera. I told him I would be right back and he seemed to understand. I went home and grabbed the camera and hoped he would still be there. Sure enough, he was. And he let me snap a ton of pics and then even followed me as I moved from bush to bush picking.
I love this pic I snapped while he was in mid yawn.... LOL
Playing hide-n-seek with the bowl.
He hung with me for about 45 mins while I picked. He was quite good company actually. The he followed me to the road when I headed home.

We said bye...and went our separate ways LOL.
He was just to adorable for words.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Our school week so far and more rainbows!

That is a picture of what I woke up to this morning, The light was absolutely illuminating that ship. It is actually a blue barge that the freight containers are carried in on, but it looked surreal this morning. One of my absolutely favorite things about living here is the play of light and shadows the clouds make on the landscape.

......On to our week so far. It has been a good one. Monday was rain and wind all day, so we stayed in, but on Tuesday the sun actually shone for awhile and we took full advantage of it.

I picked up this phonics game at a garage sale a few weeks ago and broke it out this week. She loves it. You draw the first part of the word (a consonant blend) from a pile and try to make a work with the endings on your card. If you can't then you place your blend back in the pile and the next person goes. If you can, you make your word and then the next person goes. The first to fill up there card wins.

On Monday for math, we did dice addition. We are not just working on addition, but also recognizing the number on the dice without counting it. She could do up to 3 before we played this, but now she can recognize them all.
We also talked about how you could rearrange the equation and the answer is still the 2+4+6 and 4+2+6

On Tuesday we worked on place value, although she got frustrated with me afterwards because we did not do any with the 1000 place. I told her maybe tomorrow. LOL
She practiced reading triple digit numbers, then I would write one and she would demonstrate the number with our place value beads that I made (there's a post about that on here somewhere LOL) The we decided to switch it up a bit. She would close her eyes and I would make a number with our beads (ie. 2 hundred squares, 3 ten bars, and 5 one beads) She would then open her eyes, look at the number I had demonstrated and then tell me the actual number (ie. 235) . She really liked this and had a blast :)

For our bible story this week we are talking about Moses. She is very interested in the plagues and why God turned the Nile river to blood. But today we did this craft of Miriam watching over baby Moses in the reeds.

As I said, when the sun comes out here, you have to jump on it and take this is one of the rainiest places in the US....and the weather never stays the same for long....It can rain and sun multiple times during any day, with some fog thrown in there to LOL.

Yes, she is using an ace bandage as a "sling" to carry her baby tiger around. She has been doing this for several days now. She managed to figure out how to tie knots on her own, so now he is tied to her all day long LOL.

It clouded back up and started to drizzle so we headed inside, and I pulled out this book to work on. We had never used it before. She cuts out the 4 sentences, reads them, glues them under the picture they belong to, reads the story and colors it. She LOVED it and said she couldn't believe she got to do 2 crafts today LOL. I guess scissors, glue, and crayons equal craft.

And finally I will leave you with the pics of 2 rainbows we saw today after the drizzle began. Yep, so far that makes 3 rainbows in the last 3 days. Did i mention I love this place LOL.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Our Rainbow and Our Weekend

We had a beautiful blessing today from our Lord! It had been an overcast day and then suddenly the sky over our house opened up. A and I were playing in the kitchen when I just happened to glance out the window and beheld this sight! It was the most amazing rainbow I had ever seen. I could see it touching the ground at both ends. It was so close to the house too! The pics don't do it justice, but here are a few I snapped. It lasted for close to 45 mins!

This morning I over slept the alarm and we missed church :( But we ended up taking a walk in the tundra and went berry picking (I gathered another 14 cups of blueberries today that I need to put up tomorrow) Anyway...the land here is riddled with the scars from WWII, from concrete bunkers, old dilapidated buildings, bomb holes, and trenches....we came across some pretty neat trenches today and I snapped this pic of A and DH in the trench. A is forever asking me to tell the story of "how long long long ago before you and daddy were born there was a war here."

A and Dad worked on this pyramid today with her blocks and she was not satisfied with the results unfortunately. She wanted it to look like the ones in her books. I told her it did, it was like the step pyramids, but alas, she did not want a step pyramid she said. She wanted a smooth sided one. LOL. Too bad kiddo, we just don't have the blocks for that type dad told her.
We spent the afternoon as a family playing a game of monopoly junior.....somehow A managed to beat the pants off us...ending up with $64, and me in 2nd with a measly $13 LMAO. We still can't figure out how that happened, but I know she had a strategy because she didn't buy every square she landed on.

After the rain bow, the sky cleared and the sun shone! So out we went to play some ball.

It was a beautiful weekend with my family. I am so blessed.

Friday, September 17, 2010

Learning the things I was never taught

Since moving to the Alaskan Bush I have been enjoying the slower pace of....especially with my car still being on a boat somewhere and DH having the clinic car with him during the day. And so, I have been learning all the things I was never completely from scratch, knitting, canning, and even baking my own bread. Let me tell you, that was a challenge. Last week I made a loaf that was very yummy, but definitely not tall enough to replace our daily sandwich bread, so this week....after 3 recipe attempts in one day, I discovered the perfect sandwich bread..... Completely from scratch, no mixer, no bread machine....just good old handmade bread.

This is when I knew I was going to have success! None of the other recipes had risen so much!

And here is the finished product. Two loaves of Oatmeal Honey Bread! YUMMMM!
On Tuesday this week, I went to the local knitting group....and the wonderful ladies there showed me how to cast on and do a knit stitch! I am loving it, and it is not as hard as I had imagined. Next week I will learn more. I have high hopes for this hobby! LOL
I have been putting up blueberry and salmonberries....and have been very satisfied to hear4 the pop as they seal!

This week A and I made sun sun catchers, because it has been really dreary and overcast. They definitely brighten up the house. We shaved crayons and spread the shavings onto wax paper then I used the iron to melt them. A then glued the circles onto the sun cut outs I had made.
And here she is doing science. I love how when she is concentrating, her little tongue comes out just like here dad's LOL.

Tonight we are headed to a dinner party at a friends and I am making my wonderful bread pudding recipe. Can't wait!