Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween! It was a great day here. We slept late and skipped church, but A was up late last night and I knew she would be tonight to. The we headed for brunch at the Grand and came home and relaxed for a bit before getting ready for the Halloween festivities.

A had decided to be a ghoast and she wanted her face painted.
I made her costume, but she was not to happy with it once on. Which definitly dissapointed me. We struggled through that a bit until she finally decided it was ok and she would wear it to the carnival.

There were tons of games for the kids. The carnival was so well set up and the teens working it were so great. It was packed and definitly a hit. I can't wait for next year!

The fishing prize LOL

Oh my...this one was a hit. Bite the apple, but no hands...A resorted to flat out licking the apple which had everyone around laughing hysterically and snapping pics.

Tired from the festivities we headed home.

We picked up a pizza and when we got home DH has to go to the airport and pick up the Life Flight crew and take them to the clinic. Apparently someone needed to be medivaced out of here. The trick-or-treaters were out. But I think A is still a little young to go door to door and she had gotten plenty of goodies at the carnival. As our house is way at the top of a hill with not many others, most of the trick-or-treaters stayed down below. The houses at the bottom of the mountain were swamped, but we only had 3 teenagers who braved the sleet and wind that had started.

Happy Halloween to all!

Saturday, October 30, 2010

On this Halloween Eve

We woke up to sleet, snow, dipping dots ice...yep...I am not sure what the kind of precipitation we have here is called, and neither is anyone else...but everyone on this island says it is nothing they have seen anywhere else. It is not sleet, not snow, not hail.... I had a friend describe it perfectly. It looks like dippin dots (the frozen ball ice cream you can get at malls across the US LOL) White dippin dots falling from the sky. LOL. And lots of it. This morning it was coming down so fast that our windows were completely covered. This afternoon we braved the weather and headed out to a playdate. I think both the girls had a great time. Made edible bracelets, and decorated cookies, and just played...Decorating cookies was a blast. The girls had so much fun, and well a sugar high followed of course LOL.
When we got home I let A figure out how she wanted her jack-o-lantern face to be. I cut our many different shapes and let her fool around with them for awhile until she said..."yep, that's the face I want!" Then a nice dinner of Lamb Chops complements of my wonderful husband.

Followed by.........PUMPKIN CARVING! Yea!!!!

Hands in. Lets get messy!

And I quickly found out I am allergic to pumpkin innards LOL. Yep. I welted up and itched horribly. Had to pop 2 benydrl. Nice huh? LOL. The same reaction I had as a child when I decorated a live Christmas tree. Guess it is a good thing I finally found an artificial tree that would ship to the Alaskan Bush now!

Then, onto roasting pumpkin seeds. A thought I was nuts baking the pumpkin seeds....until she tasted them LOL. She's hooked.

The finished product.

Ready to come out of the oven. The we tossed one batch in garlic seasoning and one in cinnamon sugar. YUMM!

We headed to bed and A read to us "The Teeny Tiny Ghoast". She went to bed dreaming of candy LOL.

A fun busy day tomorrow so I better head to bed! Night yall....and Happy Halloween!!!!!

Friday, October 29, 2010

My kind of blog hop LOL


I am just enjoying a quiet evening. A went down easily after having a massive sugar high from the Halloween Box MeMom and PopPop sent here LOL. I finished sewing her ghost costume, and DH is already asleep. I should be working on Christmas Presents but instead I am reading blogs. I found this awesome Blog Hop. And It is so simple, you don't do anything other than read people's blogs, and tonight that sounded like a great thing to do since I actually have some time to find some more blogs to enjoy. So if you are interested. Head on over to Design it Chic blog and find some new friends :)

Today was icky weather overall. A ton of Sleet and Snow squalls moved in. We had sleet/snow pile blown up against the front door about 14 inches tall. The wind up on our mountain was whipping at close to 60 mph at time, so we had a fun day of just playing, reading, library and grocery shopping and tomorrow we have a playdate and are making cookies. I am not sure what we are doing Sunday for Halloween as the town has several things going on for kids A's age. But I know she will have fun. Off to read blogs. Goodnight everyone.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Video of A reading and more

A wanted to make a video of herself reading to send to MeMom and PopPop and Nana. I thought I would post it here too. She was super tired when she made it as she had already read 3 books before this. But she was insistent. LOL. So if you want to see her read a chapter from Inspector Hoppers Mystery Year click here.

On another note. Here are some of her drawings from the past few weeks. It is one of her favorite things to do. My little artist....

Sailing on a Pirate Ship....the spiky thing next to the pirate...well its the ships steering wheel of course because "you know those are round with lots of spikes coming off of it mom!" LOL
Baby Snow Leopard. She was not pleased with this as it didn't turn out like she envisioned it. But I thought it was pretty good.

Our family...Umm you may be wondering who Will we don't have another child I just have never mentioned on this blog LOL. He is the little brother A wants. She has named him Will and she talks about him all the time. He shows up in many of the pictures she draws.

Baby tiger is a tiger on a key chain (hence the loop coming out of his head LOL). She was teaching him how to write is name the other day and the conversation was as follows "But I thought my name had an E at the end..BabE" And I hear A back in her normal voice say..."Well sometimes at the end of a word the Y says E." It was just to cute! I was laughing so hard from the other room as I listened to the conversation.

You know you live on the Bering Sea when you child draws a Halloween picture of a family of pumpkins who go fishing for salmon...silver salmon to be more specific LOL.

Alright off to search for a fake Christmas tree. We did not move ours with us an that was a mistake.. You can get live one here, but apparently not a decent one for under $100 and they are shipped in on a barge the week after Thanksgiving and aren't very fresh...the one wants to ship a artificial tree here. GAAH! So my search continues.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

To mummify an apple-part 1

As are pics of our mummified apple experiment. Well at least part 1.

We gathered our ingredients. One apple, a popsicle stick, Epsom salts, backing soda, and regular salt. We mixed the salts together in a plastic baggie, carved a face on the apple with the popsicle stick, pushed the stick into the middle of the apple, and covered the apple with salts in the baggie. It has to sit for about a week in a warm dry place. I am hoping our home is warm enough for this to be a success.

If all goes well. Phase 2 pics to come next week.