Monday, February 28, 2011

Well, there goes the Easter Bunny

So this evening we headed to Alaska Ship to pick up some duct tape, and as we walked in they had the Easter Candy display right by the door...well, I told A "don't even think about asking, Easter is coming up and the Easter bunny will be bringing candy for your basket."

Big mistake I guess....I was so not ready for this although I knew she was questioning Santa around Christmas and has told me that fairies are not real. But tonight she looked at us as said "Who is the Easter Bunny? Who is the Easter Bunny, because he is definitely not real. He can't be. Bunnies are not that big, don't have eggs, and they don't have candy. It has to just be a person dressed up as a bunny. So who is it?"

So now she knows. She asked some more questions basically about why people pretend there is one and we talked to her about not sharing what she figured out with other kids and letting them figure it out by herself.

The other day she out of no where asked me if elves were real. So I think this is the end of the road. Not even 4. I was in 5th grade before I stopped believing and that was only after my mom sat me down and told me. In a way I am sad, but I know that this is A. She has always been leaps and bounds ahead of me.

Thursday, February 24, 2011


I've been MIA, I know. Not really a good reason, I just haven't been in the mood to fool with blogger lately. Here the Internet is so slow here that it can take me hours to days to upload photos sometimes, if they eve upload, and this week I have just not had the patience to deal with it.

This weekend I will try to upload some pics. For now I am headed to bed. Night all.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Valentines Week

Okay, seriously behind on posting, but I will catch up! LOL. Here is our valentines week.

A beat me at Monopoly- AGAIN. She has lost once in the 4 months we have had this game!!!! We have been having fun picking our way through rightstart math, although I am thinking of skipping some, because most of it is review.

Been having fun writing notes to Mom.... I can't tell you how many notes I have gotten in the past few weeks. Including several that have stated she was mad at me and the reason behind that LOL. Well at least she is expressing her feelings.
In this one she was talking about the moon and the asking to watch the movie "Fly me to the moon"

We made a WHOLE lot of valentine crafts.
Including this mobile....

Potato sponge paintings....

Made valentine cookies (Thanks MeMom and PopPop).....

And she got a big ol chocolate bar from dad for V-day.
Alright....I will get more pics up soon.

Friday, February 11, 2011

What A's been reading this year

A has been reading a lot the last few months. At the beginning of the year she asked me to keep a list of everything she reads. I did this once this summer and she was amazed, so I think that is why she asked. Anyway, so far this is what she has read herself since Jan. 1st. I have listed the grade levels next to the ones that I have grade levels on.

Stick Kid by Peter Hdwitz- Grade level 1.6

How not to Babysit Your Brother- Level 4

Lionel in the Winter by Stephen Krensky- Grade level 2.6

City Dog, Country Frog by Mo Williams- Grade level 1.6

Follow that Fish by Joanne Oppenheimer- Grade level 2.2

The Three Blind Mice Mystery by Stephen Krensky- Grade level 3.3

Crocodile and Hen by Joan Lexau- Grade level 1.6

The Monster from the Sea by William Hooks- level 2

Avalanche! by Lorraine Hopping- level 4

Snow Ravens by Bruno Hachler

Chick 'n' Pug by Jennifer Sattler

Mr. Garbage by William H. Hooks- Grade level 2.5

Pink me Up by Charise Mericle Harper

Prairie Friends by Nancy Smiler Levinson- Grade level 2.5

Moon Child by Nadia Krilanovich

Little Bear by Holmelund Mirark- Grade level 1.8

Where are the Bears by Kay Winters- Grade level 3.2

Fox on the Job by James Marshall- Grade level 1.8

Have you Seen My Dinosaur by Jon Surgal

Arthurs Lost Puppy- Grade level 1.8

We are working our way through Little House on the Prairie right now, taking turns on chapters and so far I think it is one of her favorite books ever. It's grade level is 4.8.

So, anyway, this weekend was a good weekend. A got to spend a great deal of time with both of us and her attitude is so much better. Let's hope it continues through this week. Alright I am off to bed. Lots to do tomorrow. Happy Valentines day everyone.

Monday, February 7, 2011

Missing her dad

An had a rough day today. Just plain stubborn, willful, not listening kiddo. It was a rough day for both of us. She told me what was bothering her, and I understood, but I let her know her actions and behaviors would not be tolerated even though she was upset. So what was she so upset about....

She was missing her Dad. He has been working a ton lately, and she did not get her daddy time this weekend that she usually gets. It apparently threw her all off. I am definitely ready for her to hit the hay and hopefully wake up refreshed and in a better mood tomorrow. Dh has been playing with her for the last hour and a half in her room. So hopefully this will help her get over this rough patch.

So how do you help you kiddos deal with not seeing their dad as much when work comes calling and takes up more time. Dh and I have both talked to her, and she understands why dad has to work, but it doesn't make her feel any better. Ideas, advice????

Saturday, February 5, 2011

What a week!

What a long week. As I said, last weekend A and I made some biscuits that we froze and and can take out and pop in the oven to bake. Which I did the other day by the way, and they rose and baked up great. A had a ball helping, and is quite the biscuit cutter. I don't have a biscuit circle, so we used a cup, which worked great anyway LOL.
I also made up some corn bread mix. All I have to do now is add the liquid ingredients. This will make it so much faster to cool from scratch. I have been wanting to lessen our dependence on paper towels, for the environmental and financial costs. We have dish towels, but because of my horrible laundry habit (hanging head in shame, as I admit to my failure to keep up with laundry until it is a mountain taller than A LOL), they are always dirty. I need more LOL. So thankful to a friend who gave me a box of cotton yarn, I have been hard at work making dish towels. I have knocked out 4 pretty quickly. I am going to try to make quite a stash. My next step is to move us from away from paper napkins as well. We shall see.

This week we did very little else besides see the developmental psy. It took a lot out of both of us, so we ended up just playing outside in the snow a lot and hanging out. Although A did ask to measure the house using herself as the ruler. She had a great time with this. Apparently our kitchen is 3 and 1/2 A's long LOL. She also asked to watch a movie she has seen several time in Spanish since "I want to learn spanish." My crazy child. LOL

We built a snow fort, and she loved it.

We slid down the hill on our bottoms, and we also went sledding.

This weekend Dh had to work A LOT!!!! He went in Sat morning for 6 hours, came home and we fixed dinner and then her went back in again for several hours after A went to bed. He went in today twice as well for about 8 hours. But we did make a wonderful meal. We cooked Bee Bim Bop, a Korean dish, and it was fabulous.
Layer it all together......
Then toss!
And eat! YUMMM
Dh also found the time to build a tent for A, and well, lets just say she's slept in the last 2 nights so she is thrilled.
So I think Dh and I have decided that we both feel it is wrong to hold DD back academically. While neither of us want to push, we also think it is just as wrong to intentionally hold her back. We are going to let her continue to go on her own pace. There are so many options later for her when she needs it. From online classes, taking college credit courses at home, going extremely in depth on subjects, finding mentors, etc.... and who knows where we will be in 5 years and what opportunities will present themselves. For now I think we are content to let her take the lead. She has been able to tell us when something wasn't working for her in the past, and I am sure she will continue to in the future. Right now I am going to concentrate on helping her find a better fit socially. One step at a time I guess LOL.