Thursday, March 31, 2011

The last few weeks....

Well, I am such a blog slacker. I have been so busy and honestly just not in the mood to wait for pictures to upload. Anyway, A and I are in Louisiana right now having a blast being back in the real world and hanging with Nana. It was quite an adventure getting here, but I will write more about that later. For now, I wanted to post some pics from the last several weeks as to what we have been up to. Enjoy!

Monday, March 21, 2011

Doctor appointments

Well A is finally back asleep. It is now a quarter past 11. She has been coughing almost continuously tonight which keeps waking her up. She has to be exhausted.

Dh called me first thing this morning to tell me to bring her into the clinic. She saw Dr. Jen and basically we just have to let this run its course. Its viral. Boo. So no meds to help. On the upside since DH woke us up and I had to hurry, I did not have time to eat breakfast, so since I was unintentionally fasting, I went ahead and got my lab work done that was ordered for me at my appointment last Friday.

I am probably the only person in the world who would rather have blood drawn then pee in a cup LOL. But honestly that was the worst part. I hate peeing in a cup, I always have. I remember even as a child hating it, and man that was my least favorite part of all the appointments I had when pregnant with A LOL. The blood draw was a breeze. He took 3 or 4 vials I think. Not sure what all she is testing, I know cholesterol and all of that, but she is also checking my liver and kidney function to see if there was an residual damage from the preeclampsia I had with A. Hopefully not. My Blood Pressure was up at my appointment, but honestly the doctor and I both think it is some post traumatic stress issues from my whole pregnancy. At home it is completely normal, and I have taken it several times the last few days to check. Yep...completely fine. I was concerned that my reflexes are still so brisk 4 years after the preeclampsia, but apparently that's not really an issue, although Jen and I did have fun checking them all and seeing them bounce LOL. Her's are brisk to so we had to of course have a competition to see whose were the most brisk LOL. Got to love seeing a doc who is also a friend.

Anyway, a few more days until A and I head for warmer weather, and I can not wait! It's been cold, blowing, and snowy here. I can not wait to step outside and feel warmth. 4 days till we leave, 5 days till I walk off the plane and feel the warm southern weather! Yea!!

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Survived the great storm

Well Sunday it STORMED here. The official high recorded wind was 115mph. The wind raged on sustained at over 70 mph for more than 12 hours. It was crazy. The whole house was shaking, the roar was so loud that we had a hard time hearing each other talk. It was unnerving at time, but I took comfort in the fact that I know our house has withstood storms like this in the past.

We had to get out to go to a baptism last night, and when we got back, the HUGE orange cargo container we have out front (which just so you can visualise if a half 18 wheeler container), had moved 6 feet! Thank God we were gone or my car would have been smashed.

This morning the winds had died down, and we headed down the mountain. On our way down we saw 2 cars with windows blown out, and a large storage shed that had blown over and rolled about 60 feet in the tundra! Apparently the walls of a bunkhouse collapsed and the guys had to be evacuated, 10 containers (18 wheeler size) were blown off the dock and into the bay, a few roofs were damaged, and some windows in buildings blown out.

Thankfully, we survived undamaged besides for a few leaks that occurred around the windows with the force of the driving rain. It was an awesome display of nature. I thank the Lord that everyone on the island is safe.

We are all doing great here, except for A. Poor thing has had a cold all last week that as of yesterday has now gone into her chest. She is coughing a wet cough and her chest is rattling. I need to take her into the clinic tomorrow to get checked out. I need her well since we leave this Friday to head to Shreveport! I can not wait to see my mom and feel warmth again!!!

Thursday, March 10, 2011

My baby is 4!

So why I am awake an uploading pictures at 1:10am....well I am waiting for the tsunami...yep we are under a tsunami warning and I am not going to sleep until after 2:20am and I know we are in the clear. So I thought...what better time to upload these pics from my sweet baby's birthday! Today my little girl turned 4. I can't believe that it has already been 4 years....someone please tell me how they have passed in the blink of an eye? I am so proud of the amazing person she is becoming, but I want to stop time and hold on tight to her right now.

She asked for 2 human body cakes for her birthday. Tall order for mama to fulfill, but she was very detailed in what she wanted and could not be swayed. So here they are. After many many hours of working on these....I give you...the skeletal system and the circulatory system.

I made 2 13x9 sheet cakes, then carved the body shape. Made the white icing and iced each cake. For the blood vessels I used red vines candy and cute and shaped them.

For the bones, I mixed up a batch of yellow icing and used piping, a paint brush, and a tooth pick to create the details, going along after with a tooth pick dipped in yellow food coloring to add further detail to the bones. I was really pleased with how they turned out...but more importantly, so was A!

A got one big present for her B-day. The playmobil hospital. It is a HUGE it! She played with it non stop....all day!!! This was it set up the night before. It too DH and I almost 4 hours!!!!
The Banner I made her!

Look at that smile!

Dh came home an hour early and took us to the park to play.Then we headed out to get Pad Thai....A's choice for 3 years running now for her birthday dinner. LOL.

We came home and enjoyed our cakes!

What a great day. Night all.....Hope my town isn't washed away by morning LOL.