Wednesday, May 30, 2012

A Tuesday Night Hike

Hi everyone!
It turned out to be a beautiful evening tonight. So after dinner we all headed out for a hike down the hill to play in the tundra and let Bella splash in the mountain stream. Part of it is still covered with about a foot of snow. Crazy when you think it is almost June. I took my camera along to capture the beautiful night. Enjoy :)

There's nothing more fun than jumping into an old bomb crater!

And finally! While it might still look all brown outside, there are subtle signs that spring is coming.

Look at the blueberry bush!
...and flowers ready to spring open!
When we returned home, it was time to play some ball. A is getting pretty good at hitting the ball now. 
It's been hard for her to adjust to going to sleep now. This pic of A and DH playing ball was taken at 8:30pm. It doesn't get dark now till about midnight. Thank goodness for a good set of blackout curtains. Good night all!

Monday, May 28, 2012

First fishing of the season

Last week Dh took Monday and Tuesday off to celebrate his 40th b-day. So we decided to go out fishing for Dollies. We didn't catch any, but we all really enjoyed the first fishing of the season. Soon the salmon will be in and we will go out on the boat and net the reds as they come in. I can't wait for a freezer full to last all year.

But first...some much celebrated green is starting to appear on the island. Look at this. I have never been so happy to see grass before. After such a long, hard winter this is a thrilling sight!
What we did catch were 2 scopin rockfish. You don't want to touch the fins of these creatures. They actually contain a toxin that is quite painful, so getting them off the hook can be quite a challenge.
The water is cold, but it's definitely fun to wade in and explore the shallows.
Ansley found some barnacles which were pretty cool.
And helped dad reel in another scopin LOL.
Now if it would only warm up. This morning we woke to blowing snow, ice, and 50 mph winds....a wonderful day to cook out at the clinic's memorial day open house :)

Thursday, May 24, 2012

A snapshot of our world

What's going on here? Why reading of course. Wouldn't you guess that? LOL. A loves to read. What she loves even more is finding cozy little caves to read in, like this one under the nightstand in mom and dad's room. Of course, Bella thought it looked quite fun, so she joined in. Just a little snap shot of our world.

Dh turns 40

Dh turned 40 Monday. I think he had a pretty good birthday. I threw him a party with some of our friends on Sunday night. It was a lot of fun, plus I got some rare good pics of us all together.

 Here is a few pics of our night.
 The guys look deep in serious LOL

 Dh and Jen...we will miss her. She and her fiancee are leaving to move back to NC in a few months.
 And her fiance. He's stylin in A's witches hat and one of our friends son's sippy cup. Oh yeah. He is cool. LOL
Dh took Monday and Tuesday off for his birthday and we had a a little mini vacation. We spent quite a lot of time outside enjoying the (somewhat) spring weather :) I'll post those pics soon. Happy Friday everyone!

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Right now.

Right now I am cleaning the house and preparing for Dh's 40th birthday party. Dh is not a cake person, so instead I made 2 coconut cream pies (his favorite). The black bean and corn salsa is made, my firecracker pinwheels and all that is left is to make the sausage balls. It will be a great night. So...that is what I am doing right now. Happy Birthday to my amazing husband.

Thursday, May 17, 2012

How to Spot A Witch....and other things we've been up to.

Today was one of those just wonderful, amazing, affirming days in homeschooling, where it all comes together and I know we can do this, and that what we are doing is working.
A wrote her first essay today. She picked up Roald Dahl's The Witches last week and was immediately hooked. I can not get her to put it down, and while she reads I constantly her gasps, eeks, and other sounds emitting from the room she is reading in. She said this is her favorite book she has ever read! I myself am thrilled that she no longer judges a book as to difficult for her based on the length. The last 2 books she has read have had over 200 pages each.

So for school this week I decided to ask her to incorporate what she was reading into her writing assignment. She decided to write about what fascinates her most in the book. The fact that the witches are among us and are difficult to spot unless you know what to look like. So she entitled it How to Spot a Witch....and set to work. Tuesday she worked on an outline, writing down points that she wanted to make, and Wednesday she started writing. Before she began we had a quick discussion of paragraphs where she surprised me with her knowledge of their structure, and then she got down to business. 3 paragraphs later, and some self editing, and 2 words which she asked for help spelling, gave us this.....

the finished product........

 And on to a little math- We have been doing much more, but this was just 2 things I snapped pictures of.

Solving for missing numbers

Learning the types of triangles...

I cut spaghetti noodles to different lengths and asked A to make as many different types of triangles as she could.
 She then measured them and decided what type of triangle they were.

So that's homeschooling here in a nut shell. We have been busy doing a ton of other things, but this is what I ended up with pics of. And I have to say, both A and I are so pleased with the way her paper turned out. She beamed!

This week so far she has also had our last homeschool art class till Fall and swim lessons with her swim buddy, she is looking forward to the last Daisy meeting of the year Friday and DH's b-day party on Sunday. 

Have a great night everyone.

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Sunday, May 13, 2012

The Perfect Day- Mother's day, smores, and WHALES!

Oh what a beautiful mother's day it was. A perfect day spent with my family and a perfect Unalaska spring day. In fact, one of the first spring feeling days we've had. Totally gave me hope that the tide has turned and I will see green again one day! LOL.

This morning DH and A took me to a delicious brunch, and then we came home and got ready to head out for a day in the tundra. We figured it was the perfect day for a little bonfire, so of course we had to head out to the coast and collect wood first. 

 And see the remnants of GIGANTIC avalanches. Take a look at this thing, and just think of how much it has melted already. AMAZING!

 Then we made our way out to Pyramid to play. A brought her bubbles and had quite a good time blowing them into snow piles and carrying them around. 

This one was a gift to me :)
 Then it was time for some good, old fashioned, marshmallow roasting....
 Yum! The first smore of the year!

 A beautiful sight!
 And a final slide on the snow before we left.
 We decided to drive around a bit after we left and discovered the whales are here! They were hanging in the bay all day! It was truly breathtaking. We sat watching them for close to an hour. They frolicked and played, dove, and sprayed, and it was the most incredible thing I have seen since moving here. The whales only come into the protected bays here during this brief time of year as they make their way from Hawaii back to the summer home in the Arctic Sea. Just incredible....

 Waving goodbye to us.
Finally made our way home to a dinner of steak and lobster prepared by my wonderful DH. 

It was the perfect day!