Friday, December 14, 2012

Beautiful days

We've had a full last few days here, enjoying every minute of this life....well almost LOL. I do have a very strong-willed child after all. :)

It warmed up suddenly overnight Tues, and we woke up Wednesday morning to a snow-less tundra. With no wind and temps in the 40's it was a perfect afternoon to spend outside. 

Bella discovered she could ice skate. She was quite confused when she went to jump into the pond and found herself sliding on the ice. We could not stop laughing. A was mad I wouldn't let her on the ice, but the water was fairly deep and I was not about to let her on melting ice. The dog on the other hand, well I kept her on her leash just in case, but it held her just fine.

 She did manage to brake off a chuck from the edge, and a game of fetch ensued.
 The tundra is beautiful still. From afar it appears all dead and brown, but close up, the colors are vibrant.
 A spent hours working on damming a small stream. I love watching her play and create. Spending hours outside exploring the world.....

 One of her dams...
 Our time outside reveals so much beauty.

 Today was much cooler and we spent most of it inside, hanging out, playing, relaxing, reading, and baking.  The bed was all nicely made this morning, but A decided she needed to make it her own to be comfortable reading. I was on the phone and snapped this pic. She's engrossed in "Charlie and the Great Glass Elevator". The sequel to "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory"
 Today was St. Lucia Day. In Sweden this is the official start to the Christmas season. We read a story about St. Lucia yesterday and then read "Kirsten's Surprise". A loves the American Girl books and has my old Kirsten doll. Kirsten relives her holidays of past when she receives her beloved trunk and is able to carry on the tradition of St. Lucia in her new country of America. 

We made St. Lucia's Braided Bread to celebrate. A loves baking, and I love having a helper.
The recipe can be found here.

 A beautiful end to a beautiful day.

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Close to death, survival, curtains, and crab????

Dh is back! We were so thrilled. The night before  a blizzard warning went into effect, but seriously not even a thing came of it and it was soon cancelled. So checked the roads in the morning and got up. They looked fine right out the front of my house at the top of the hill. So we decided to go....go where you might ask.... well only to the biggest even to hit this town in ages. 

The museum is opening there theater and and  are showing fairly now movies such as ARTHUR CHRISTMAS and the new BAT MAN

We had tickets for a special showing at 10 and the girls (A and her best friend L) we so excited that they even planned coordinating shits to wear LOL.

So at about 9:30 that morning I pick them up and we head down my hill. Everything is fine.....until.....we reach the curve. From there down it was black ice, I had no breaks, no control.,and a sheer mountain drop off on my left with no guardrails.

Somehow with the grace of God, after picking up speed going do about 500 ft of icy incline ,I miraculously was pulled by some force off the side of the road and landed in the Balloo's driveway.

The scariest moment of my life. I was very shaken up and so were my girls. Man I love them. We did eventually make it to thee show with just a few more mishaps, but it was worth it.

These kids never theater experience unless they travel off island. Real theater seats, popcorn, candy, drinks, big screen, it was amazing.

The road fortunately were better latter that afternoon and we we able to go pick DH up from the airport. We missed him so much.

But first.....while he was gone  I got into a nesting mood. I found some perfect fabric (a table cloth) and decided to get buy making some curtains for my dinning area.

I love the, The turned out great and were so easy to make, It helps the room look so put together and homey

So the day after DH got home and went to bed, we woke up to this. Thick, white, fluffy flakes blanketing to world in white. This is truly my favorite time of year.
 DH spent that day out crabbing and hunting,

Here's your change to see what about $700 worth of king crag looks like! YUMM

 Big suckers aren't they?
A long, fun weekend, but now back to normal life. I need to head to be as I am fighting a headache  Night to ALL

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Just the two of us...

Yep, it's just A and I this week. Dh headed off to training in the lower 48 on Monday and will be gone all week. The nights are definitely a little lonely and A has been having a rough time going to sleep because she misses dad so much.  Crazy dog is all confused and keeps staring out the window at Dh's car wondering where he is. LOL. 

For now I will leave you with a pic of by sweet girl.