Monday, April 29, 2013

Earth science intro.

Wow, I've been missing in action on this blog haven't I? We have been so busy here and I have been trying to get back into the swing of things since coming back home. I missed blogging though, so hopefully I will be back into the swing of this soon as well.

In school, A decided she really wanted to focus on earth science, so we started with the layers of the earth. 

We made our own playdough, and then built our earth layer by layer.

A carefully used the big knife to slice it in half.

And there you go, the layers right there to explore.

She then worked on some 3 part cards...

...and completed some worksheets to place in her science notebook she started.

We've been doing lots of projects the last few days and I'll try to post those soon. 
It's still pretty cool here. Mid to high 30's, sometimes inching into the 40's with lots of clouds and wind. I am definitely missing the green of Louisiana, and am eagerly awaiting June when we will finally start to get some green on the mountains. 
Well, off to bed. Have a great night everyone.

Friday, April 19, 2013

Eagle fights and beach combing

Well, we are back home. Left the warm of the south and returned to our island home. When we flew in Sunday morning the weather was decent, but quickly deteriorated  and by 4pm there was a fresh coating of snow on the ground and I couldn't see out of my windows. The blowing snow stopped that night, and then the rain started. It blew and rained for 3 days. Today, the sun finally came out, or tried to...and we did to.

We headed out and stopped at the dump on our way to toss some trash. While there we watched a bunch of eagles fight of something.

Then I couldn't get out of my car to toss the garbage because these guys had grabbed a loaf of bread and started fighting inches from my car door.

I waited till they moved enough, quickly hopped out and unloaded and left. LOL

Our next stop was the beach. Perfect weather, just slightly breezy. We had a lot of fun exploring, climbing, and collecting sea glass. Even better was when A's best friend and her family arrived and they played and explored for another 2 hours. Unfortunately my camera battery died right before they got there. The two of them climbed high up a cliff, found "hermit crabs"... I personally say they are water snails, and collected more cool treasures. Luckily, her mom had her camera so I will get some of those pics soon.

 Back at home we examined out many wonderful finds.

It was so nice to get outside after the rain and cold. A perfect day.

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Spring Pics 2013

Still on vacation for 2 more days. Listening to the deep breathing of my sweet child as she sleeps and the distant rumble of thunder breaking through the soft splatter of rain drops on the roof. Life is good. I take these moments in and just breath. 

Not a long post tonight, just some spring pics that I took last week. Every year for the past 3, I have taken A when we come to town to Norton Art Gallery and walked their beautiful grounds taking pictures and soaking in memories. Sadly this year will be the last, as Norton's is fencing in their beautiful gardens and disallowing all photography (even amateur) , picnics, and enjoyment of this beautiful space. A true loss for all in Northwest Louisiana.

But for now, I smile and shake my head in amazement at how much my baby has changed over the years through these sessions.

Spring pics. 2013

Monday, April 8, 2013


Happy Easter! 
I know, a week later, but we have been having such a great time on vacation that I have barely been on the computer. 

So I thought today I would share a few pics of our Easter celebration in Louisiana.

We made cute egg critters...

Dressed up and went to Easter service at church, of course taking a bunch of pics first.

And had an egg hunt out in the backyard after the rain. 

Happy Easter everyone.

Monday, April 1, 2013

Sea Life Aquarium Part 2- Behind the Scenes

Remember I promised part 2 of our Sea Life Aquarium visit? Well, here it is. A and I took the Behind the Scenes Discovery Tour.

 We were able to get an inside look at the workings of the aquarium  To see where the sick, injured, and new animals are kept and cared for, how the food is prepared, and how the aquarium takes in, cleans, and filters the millions of gallons of water needed to care for these animals. 

Sea Life has 2 new sea turtle arrivals. Sea turtles are only kept in captivity if they are injured beyond the point of ever being able to survive in the wild. The one they already had in residence was injured by a boat. His shell was split open and when it grew back an air bubble was trapped inside keeping him buoyant and unable to dive or swim under the water. The solution for him at sea life is a white 30lb weight patch on his shell which allows him a free range of motion. 

Here is our wonderful tour guide showing us the crates the sea turtles arrive in.

 ...And here are the two new sea turtles. They are currently quarantined as all new arrivals are in order to protect the other animals from bacterial contamination.

If you look closely, this little guy is missing one of his front flippers. A was thrilled to hear that Sea Life is working on getting a prosthetic flipper for him!

A also got to check out one of the diving packs the staff uses. She assumed it would sink because it is so heavy, but actually the air in the tank would cause the diver to float so the vest is actually weighted in order to allow the diver to dive.

Just like at the vet's office, animals must be weighed, even sea animals, and here is one of the scales the aquarium uses.

A hoped on to see what shark she was closest to in weight. In case you were wondering, she's a blacktip reef shark

We got a peak into the lab were the marine biologist does a lot of his work and even saw where they perform minor surgeries when needed.

Of course having so many animals mean they need to eat....a lot. Remember how I said we wondered why the sharks didn't eat the other fish they were in the tank with. Well the sharks are kept with full bellies. They are hand fed insuring each and everyone eats and is kept satisfied...therefor they have no need to snack on the little guys they share their tank with. Hand feeding also allows the staff to take a close up look at each shark and ensure they are healthy and doing well.

Did you know sharks and stingrays are cousins? Me either. They are actually pretty closely related and A got the chance to check out and compare both of their jaws.

We took a look at some common food items for different aquarium members...who would have known that sea turtles LOVE broccoli. Yep that's right. They love their green veggies. LOL.

That day though, it was approaching feeding time for the sting rays. A was able to watch them prepare the food.

Say bye little crab, you're about to be some sting ray's dinner.

We took a quick peek into the inner mechanical workings of the building, which A said reminded her of the filtration system of the pool back home that her swim teacher took her on a tour of once....just on a MUCH bigger scale.

We said goodbye to a few baby stingrays that had recently been born at Sea Life....

...and then headed back down to see A's favorite buddy.

Our last stop was to watch the sting rays eat that yummy meal we had witnessed being prepared. 
 Yum! LOL.

It was a great time. I highly recommend visiting Sea Life in Dallas if you get a chance and definitely splurge for the tour, it's worth it. I am thankful for the priceless memories A and I get a chance to make every time we leave the island.