Monday, June 29, 2015

Pardon the Dust


Over the next few days I will be revamping the blog, The layout will be in flux until I am finished. Thanks for your patience.

Saturday, June 27, 2015

Trout fishing

We are finally starting to settle in here. The new carpet is in and the house is well on its way to being put together. A even did some school work this week. (With all the chaos of the last few months, we are still finishing up last year's curriculum.) 

My mom flew in Friday evening and apparently brought the heat with her! Seriously, it has been close to 100 degrees here in Northern Montana the last few days! It's normally in the 70s or low 80s. Ick! At least the mornings are still cool and there have been some nice breezes most days.

It's fun living the Montana life and reminds me of Alaska. We got up early Saturday morning and all piled in the car and headed to a farm about an hour away. There's a stocked pond there full of rainbow trout, and the beauty of the surrounding sweet grass hills was soul soothing.
One can soar imagine settling this land by covered wagon, the wide, windswept prairie laid out beneath the big Montana sky. 
It is wonderful to see my mom enjoying little W. He has changed so much since she was last with us in December. In fact, tomorrow he turns 1! Who can believe the time has flown so fast.
A practiced her fly rod again but soon switched to her spinner.
Right off the bat she caught this rainbow trout that was about 11 inches.
She also hooked a tiny baby, perfect to show W before releasing it back to grow.

But the most exciting by far was A hooking this 14 inch beauty. He put up a good fight too. She was thrilled and let me snap some pics before we released him.
And even here in northern Montana there are snakes. This little garter snake kept coming over to investigate what we were up to.
It was a great day, even if it was 20 degrees hotter than normal. I can definitely say we are loving Montana!

Monday, June 22, 2015

Father's Day- hiking and fishing Montana style

Well we've been in Montana about two and a half weeks. The new carpet was finally finished being laid today, so I can now really unpack and get the house in order. My OCD self has been going crazy with the last two months or so of chaos. I am so glad to see the light at the end of the tunnel. 

Sunday was Father's Day and we were blessed to spend the day in our beautiful backyard of the Flathead Wilderness and Glacier National Park. Just a quick 45 minute drive from our house and we are in majestic splendor!

Dad and A wanted to fly fish so little W and I just tagged along for the fun. 

Before we even got started A made the discovery of wild camomile, just like we gathererd on our Alaskan island! Talk about excited! Add to that the fact that on the drive over she saw Pushki and Fireweed, both familiar to my Alaskan girl, and she was one happy camper. She said it feels like home! 

Later on our hike she came across another plant from the island that she loved. Yarrow! Used for scrapes and bruises and to stop bleeding, also great brewed as a tea for a bad cold, it is A's favorite medicinal plant.

We were blessed with beautiful weather to both hike and fish.

One of the new adventures in A's life us the art of fly fishing. Dad is teaching A to fly fish and she's been practicing her casting in the backyard!

She didn't catch any but dad did...his first Montana fish.

Little W and I sat on the rocks and watched and A entertained us by showing us all her flies and telling us what each kind is used for. This girl is super knowledgable!

On the way home we stopped at a little pull off and explored a beautiful waterfall right on the side of the road!

A perfect day spent with the ones I love. Now to get the house set up and find our rhythm again. A just told me tonight how much she misses our school time. I am looking forward to having the house together and letting ourselves settle in to a Montana life.

Monday, June 1, 2015

Mount Rushmore

I've been meaning to get this post up for a week now, but during our cross country drive last week on our big move from New Mexico to Montana, we all came down with bronchitis. We are just starting to feel human again. 

Traveling with an 8 year old, just turned 11 month old, two dogs, and a guinea pig all in two separate cars is exhausting! I knew it would be, so I planned to break up our trip with a stop in Rapid City, SD. After two days of driving we arrived and spent two nights at a hotel with an indoor water park. Score! 

We took a whole day and explored what the Black Hills had to offer. Of course our first trip was to Mount Rushmore. 
I downloaded the book "Where is Mount Rushmore" on A's kindle and had her read it before we went. Great idea as she was full of facts and tidbits that she shared as we walked.
It was amazing to see the mountain in person!

I had to snap a pic under the Montana flag since that's our new home.
A had an incredible opportunity to meet with one of the men who worked on carving Mount Rushmore. She spoke with him awhile, we bought his book, which she started reading as soon as we got to the car, and we took her picture with him. Thinking about what he has seen and experienced in his life is amazing.
And here's s sculpture of the sculptor of Mount Rushmore 😃

It was a wonderful experience! After our tour we headed to Bear Country USA. Stay tuned for that fun adventure!