Monday, September 21, 2015

Ancient Egypt study- canopic jars and games

We are smack dab in the middle of our study of ancient Egypt. If you've followed along on my blog, then you may know that A has been fascinated by Ancient Egypt since she was 3!  In fact, several Halloweens ago, she was the ancient Egyptian God of embalming- Anubis. That was fun! 

Oak Meafow grade six spends only two weeks on Egypt but well, we just need more time!  So we will be spending 3 to 4 weeks on it. 

A is also taking an online class from G3 called the Horrible Histories of Rome and Egypt. She is loving it, and it is a nice addition to our ancient civilizations studies.

She just finished reading both the Horrible Histories books "Awesome Egyptians" and "Awful Egyptians" for her class. She really enjoyed them. One of her class assignments was to make a canonic jar. 

She chose the intestines and I am not even going to attempt to spell the name of that God! 

She used an empty hand soap container, covered with paper decorated with hieroglyphics. She created the head using clay.

After the clay dried, she painted it and uploaded a picture of her finished product to her class forum. She had a lot of fun with this.

As you know, one thing we both love about Oak Meadow is the choice of hands on projects. Last week A used the instruction in her book to create the Ancient game of Senet. We recycled an Amazon box for this! 

We had a lot of fun learning to play it while Little W took his afternoon nap!

A is reading several books pertaining the this time period that are recommended as extra reading by Oak Meadow. Right now she's working her way through Mara- Daughter of the Nile. This is a book I actually remember reading over and over again growing up! 

Stay tuned and follow along with us as we continue to explore the ancient civilization of Egypt!

On another note, we found the botany we were using to not be a good fit. We moved on to our introduce to chemistry unit study and I have ordered OakMeadow  Science grade 7 to try. With homeschooling, you need to be flexible and not afraid to switch things up when something isn't working. I'll be posting more about this chsnge another day. 

Monday, September 14, 2015

Ancient Mesopotamia

The second lesson in Oak Meadow grade 6 is on Ancient Medipotamia. We did a mix of their assignments and some I found inspiration for on Pintrest. We took several weeks on this lesson as MeMom came in for a 10 day visit. 

A's two favorite projects both took a great deal off time and required a lot of detail.

Ancient Mesopotamians were a polytheistic society worshiping many gods. They built large temples called Ziggurats reaching high into the sky to be closer to their gods. After studying these temples, A spent a lot of time creating a detailed replica from clay. I think she did a pretty awesome job!

Our second major project of the unit took an extraordinary amount of time and concentration. Her assignnment was to create an ABC poster of Mesopotamia. She first had to brainstorm and come up with a concept or item for each letter of the Alphabet. Then she had to create the poster, illustrating and writing about each concept. I drew the grid, but she did everything else. It is quite impressive and is now hanging in our school area!

I am incredibly proud of the work and dedication she put into these projects. Hands on learning at its best.

Sunday, September 6, 2015

Weekend Fun- Divide, MT

This past weekend was my birthday and Dh, his mom, A,  little W and I headed down to Divide, MT several hours to the South of us to escape the smoke which had been filling the sky over our town. 

We stayed at the Silver Bow Club in a cabin near the Big Hole River.

The property had two cabins and a main lodge for guests to stay in. It was beautiful and the customer service was AWESOME! I punctured my tire on a rock coming in and Adam (the owner) patched it for me.

This is the main lodge. It sits on a stocked trout pond.

The inside of our cabin was incredible, and the beds were heavenly! This is the main bedroom downstairs 
And upstairs was a sleeping loft with 4 beds.

We did lots of fly fishing. Memom even got in on the action and caught her first fish on the fly rod!
A is becoming quite the fisherwoman and loves spending time with her dad.

Everywhere you looked it was breathtaking.

On my birthday I actually got the kids to smile for pictures for me!

Even little W had fun. He loved all the room to run and play!

Not to mention the horses! Seriously, don't all kids love horses?

A even found a grasshopper and a snake to observe. 

We all had an absolutely fabulous time! I was blessed to spend my birthday with my family in such a beautiful place!

Wednesday, September 2, 2015


We are starting off the year with Botany in 8 Lessons as our science curriculum. The curriculum is geared for 8-14 year olds, and is basically college level material written in a way that will interest an upper elementary/middle school crowd. I like how each lessons has two sections. The first is for everyone, the second goes more in depth. We are loving it so far!

On our first day of school we covered photosynthesis in depth. Then A mad a leaf model to help her explain the process.

A photosynthesis crossword puzzle was a fun way to show her knowledge.

The curriculum introduces the molecular structure of chlorophyll and Latin vocabulary.

We also used the YouTube channel that supplements the curriculum to watch several videos.

The second week we studied plant cell structure. A made a diagram to include in her yearly binder.
And wrote down the function of each organelle.

She then used her diagram to make a plant cell cake!

It was quite yummy!

Even little W enjoyed it.

On our third week we covered plant classification. A made a chart for her binder. We learned a song to help us remember the order of classification. Kingdom, phylum, class, order, family, genius, species. We've had it stuck in our  heads all week.
So far a good start to the year!

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Weekend Fun- Flathead National Forest part 2

My last post was about our weekend spent in the Flathead National Forest. I never got around to posting part two, so here it goes!
Both of my kids LOVE being outdoors, exploring nature, and feeling the freedom that comes with it.

A spent most of our second day in the forest writing. She said this is where she feels most at peace and inspired.
and how could one not feel that way surrounded by this beauty?

Of course we all did some fly fishing. A caught several brook trout.

Little W was fascinated!

I even caught my first fish on the fly still counts even if it was just the size of my finger! 

I love these two little people!

Pray for rain for Montana. We have not been able to get back to the forest as there are many fires raging around us. 
The beauty of nature, the destruction of fire, a cycle of life for sure, but still a frightening and saddening sight.