Sunday, October 18, 2015

Southern Montana cabin

At the end of September, Dh had a conference in southern Montana. He has been traveling a good deal with his new job (in fact he is currently in Seattle but had to be in Missoula and then Kalispell before that). He knows it has been hard on me and an adjustment, so on this trip he took us all with him.

We stayed in a cabin outside of Big Timber. It was AMAZING. I have not felt so relaxed in months.

The cabin was spectacular, but so was the surroundings in the national forest. A and little W enjoyed having the freedom to run and explore.

A read on the hammock....

and by the creek. She even did some school and wrote a research paper on the Ancient Egyptians beliefs on the afterlife.

We explored and played outside each day while Dh was away at his meetings.

It was nice and cool and perfect weather for a roaring fire in the evenings when dad returned home.

Each day brought new spectacular beauty!

More chances to play in nature and take in the beauty that fills the soul.

We saw pronghorn, deer, and chipmunks, while Dh spotted 3 moose while fishing one evening! 

It was hard to leave but the memories will stay with us. A place we can draw from when our soul needs refreshed.

Monday, October 12, 2015

A prolific reader

A is my prolific reader. She reads everyday; everything she can get her hands on. Comic books, reference books, fiction  and graphic novels; you name it, she will read it. In the past week and a half, she has devoured these....

along with a few Calvin and Hobbes collections and the book How They Croaked. This doesn't include her readings for homeschool or the Horrible Histories novels assigned for her online class. 

Reading is a part of her. It opens up worlds and let's her find others she can relate to. Being a profoundly gifted child is tough at times. Books help smooth the path. What are your kids reading?

Sunday, October 11, 2015

Autumn explorations

It is my favorite time of year! Autumn fills my soul with joy. I breathe in peace and happiness. The promise of a still winter lays ahead...steaming mugs of hot cocoa sipped cuddled under a blanket while the wind whips the snow around the house. The quiet moments of solitude which my soul craves after the busy days of summer.

Montana fall is Spectacular! The golds of the trees meet the golden grass of prairie under the expanse of an endless blue sky!

We've been spending quite a lot of time outside. Walking through the neighborhood, fishing with dad, books read on benches in the crisp fresh air.

Even stopping to pose for pictures if only for a minute before he runs the other way. My beautiful children... My life, my loves.

Happy Fall Ya'll!