Monday, March 28, 2016

Another Montana weekend

In my last post, I shared our Saturday spent 
driving in the high plains. On Sunday, we headed in the opposite direction.
Southwest to the Lewis and Clark National Forest to spend the day basking in the glory of nature.

 Both kids had a blast exploring, but for little W this is all new and well, he was in heaven.
 He follows his big sister everywhere!
 He is just getting so big!
 Even though we were only spending the day, we pitched the tent so W could have a place to rest.

 It was cool and overcast, but the scenery was spectacular.

 Dad and A practiced some survival skills by using their water purification system.
 A found some kind of animal backbone hanging in a tree.
 We aren't sure what, but one of the rangers I asked on our homeschool hike in GNP believed it could be an elk or a moose.
 On our way home we saw a heard of beautiful deer and an amazing bever dam.

It was another great weekend in Montana.

Saturday, March 26, 2016

A weekend drive- the open prairie

A few weekends ago we had some beautiful days! It's been unseasonably warm and it was the perfect time to just get out and go for a drive. Enjoy all of the beauty that Big Sky Country has to offer!

We loaded in the truck both Saturday and Sunday and headed in opposite directions. 
Saturday we headed east into the wide open plains. 

With the way the wind blows across this land, wind power makes so much sense. 
A clean, renewable source of electricity for our area.

I love the lone farm houses that dot this land. The solitude speaks to my heart.

The Rocky Mountain front is seen in the distance, over a hundred miles away, these giants still tower over the land.

On the prairie one feels so small. The sky so big, the land so open, that you can lose yourself in your thoughts.

Its a different side of Montana that not many people experience. It has a lonesome and haunting beauty all of its on.

Friday, March 25, 2016

Pi Day!

March 14th was Pi Day and of course we had to celebrate! It just so happened that the week before A had been working with Pi in her 7th grade Teaching Textbooks course. Perfect timing!

On the 14th we had a short day of school. Dh had to head down to Great Falls and he took A with him, so we got all our Pi Day fun in first thing in the morning.

We started off with the story of Sir Cumference and the Dragon of Pi.
This is a great series of living math books that we adore at our house and I plan on using as little W grows.

Then of course, we had to bake a pie! What would Pi Day be without PIE? 
Life skills and math- check that off for the day.

A read the directions and basically did the entire thing herself with just a little help from mom.

She decided on a Dutch Apple Pie and it turned out delicious.

I had one very proud just turned 9 year old, plus the house smelled amazing by the time she and dad headed out of town for the afternoon.

How did your family celebrate Pi Day?

Thursday, March 24, 2016

Glacier National Park homeschool field trip

Wow another month has gotten away from me. It's been busy with homeschooling and field trips, hiking and birthday parties. Just a good and happy life happening in the everyday moments.

A few weeks ago we went on one of those fields trips. We found a homeschooling group in our area! Who knew? After being her for 7 months and thinking there were no homeschoolers, I stumbled upon a secret group. LOL!
They are wonderful and get together a few times a month and head out for a field trip every month or so.
This month we met up at Glacier National Park with some wonderful rangers for a nature hike.

It has been surprisingly warm this winter in Montana, and that week was no exception. Of course on the morning of the hike, we woke up to colder temps and snow flurries.

We didn't see animals, but we did see evidence of them. Bevers had been hard at work taking care of some trees in this part of the park. 
It was a pretty cool site!

They divided the kids into three groups based on ages and the kids just had so much fun.
Since A was in the older group, they hiked several miles through all type of terrain.

We saw beauty in every direction and a ton of moose scat. Yep, the kids found that amazingly gross!

The ranger even helped the kids conduct some science experiments.

It was just a great day all around. A even made a great new friend.
So beautiful just right in our own backyard.
We are truly blessed.