Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Spring Break Up

Well despite the title it's still winter and definitely feels like it. It snowed pretty hard today, but while below freezing, we are no longer in the double digits BELOW zero. 
It's been a cold winter. 
The kids have been cooped up, sick, and just plain antsy for warmer weather.
The other day we bundled them up....it felt like 3 degrees, and head out to Sullivan Bridge. Just two weeks ago the two rivers that meet here were frozen completely over.
Now there is open flowing water and HUGE slabs of ice lining the river on all sides.

The kids got out in the wide world again. Exploring, climbing, running....they were in their element

Dad decided to fly fish....I don't think the trout were too interested in. They were too dang cold! LOL

Ice caves and icicles were the name of the game.

W was fascinated by these things.

We found evidence of beaver activity...

...and W made letters out of sticks...

...and practiced writing in the snow.

A found some really cool looking air bubbles trapped in ice and spent quite a while examining them.

Eventually we all got a little chilled and headed home for some hot chocolate.

It was great to get out of the house and remember why I love this state.

Monday, February 13, 2017


RSV hit our house hard. It took down my little guy for over a week and he's still recuperating. W developed fever, wheezing, and a horrible cough... doctor diagnosed RSV and bronchiolitis. It ran through the house and took all of us down, but no one as hard as him. It's been a rough few weeks. 
Thank goodness for a great big sister....

....modern medicine....

....and comfy couches....

Sunday, February 12, 2017

AWANAS derby

A goes to AWANAS every week and loves it. They recently had their derby races. A had so much fun designing her car. 
She named it Meals on Wheels.
It was a wedge of cheese with two mice from her dad's fly tying kit. It was so AWESOME.
While it didn't win for speed, she did win 1st Place in the Design category!

 It was a great night with great friends. I love watching how she is blossoming and becoming more comfortable with herself in group settings.

Friday, February 10, 2017

Little W and Preschool

Oh man, it has been months since I posted. Life has gotten in the way. We moved to a new house, had Christmas, family to visit, my violin students had there recital.... well just life.
But I'm back and thought I would share what the little guy has been up to the last month.
We officially started our homeschool preschool at the beginning of January.
Look at that smile on his face!

He is so like his sister was at this age. Into everything, wanting to learn, reading sight words, and wanting to do school just like his big sister.

I found this letter game in the dollar section at Target and little W loves sounding out each letter and building words.

I picked up these musical instruments in a safari toob at Michaels and printed out some instrument cards for him to match. He's enjoying learning the names of all the instruments.

He's been sorting coins. We started with just pennies and quarters but have moved on to all coins.

I have a bunch of preK/K file folder games that he LOVES to work with although they are pretty easy, so I need to purchase some more difficult ones. He reminds me of how his big sister would fly through things at this age.

We are working on tracing. He loves the Usborne wipe clean books. He's definitely not where A was on writing at this age, but every kid is different and just like with her, I follow his lead.

We've been working on beginning letter sound. I love these felt letters from Target. They are so much fun to use.

Matching is such a huge activity for him right now. Here W is matching close up of animal skins to their matching animal.

I think we play this game "That's Not My Underpants" everyday. It is a total favorite in our house.

W is into finding letters in everything...lines, shadows, you name it.
He is even building letters with his cars.

W keeps himself pretty busy. Transferring activities are a lot of fun and we use pom poms a lot. LOL

I picked up some felt numbers at Target too, and W decided to put the correct number of pom poms on each one.

Sequencing with our wood bead set is always fun.

We are working on rhyming words and W is getting pretty good at it.

Puzzles are always fun. You can see big sister working on school work in the background.

W got a set of pattern blocks for Christmas and loves them.

I also made some pattern strips for him to use with them. I remember doing this activity with his big sister.

He pulled out the Qwirkle game that A and I play and decided to use the blocks to make patterns. 
I love how his little mind works.

Well that was a long update. I hope you enjoyed the peek into our life. I promise to keep up with the blog more. 
Tomorrow I will post about what A has been doing.